Friday, December 28, 2007

Black Friday Fuck Job

LYING CORPORATE BASTARDS and their MSM WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"For shopping early birds... Black Friday bargains may not be after all, a Globe survey finds" by Jenn Abelson and Rebecca A. Fitzgerald Boston Globe | December 28, 2007

Merchants long have tried to lure shoppers into rising at ungodly hours to snare blockbuster bargains on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. But are the deals actually better?

Turns out that often they are not.

Of 52 items the Globe tracked over the five-week holiday shopping season, only five items were cheapest on Black Friday. The vast majority of the products either stayed the same price or fluctuated above and below the Black Friday price from week to week. Seven items were actually cheaper the day before Christmas than on Black Friday.

The Globe tracked prices of items ranging from digital cameras to laptops by checking advertising circulars from stores such as Best Buy, Sears, and Circuit City each Sunday.

What a bunch of money-grubbing LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 20 items, the price changed from week to week - meaning some weeks buyers paid more than the Black Friday price and some weeks they paid less.


That is counter to what customers have been told for decades.

Yeah, we have been LIED TO AGAIN and


Each year, merchants spend millions in advertising and promotions, open stores early, and offer so-called doorbusters to attract early shoppers on Black Friday - the day when merchants traditionally have turned a profit for the year. And in recent years, merchants have upped the ante - opening doors earlier than ever and offering things such as gift cards and prizes.

This year, JC Penney, Mervyns, and Kohl's all opened at 4 a.m., and some merchants even welcomed customers on Thanksgiving, with CompUSA serving pumpkin pie to holiday shoppers angling for electronics deals.

Sure that wasn't a shit pie? Sure looks like it!

Many shoppers hungry for bargains have bought into the retailer-generated frenzy, braving the sometimes long lines, cold temperatures, and crowded parking lots on Black Friday to take advantage of discounted prices on everything from DVD players and flat-screen televisions to Barbie dolls and cookware.

How's it feel to be eating shit for all your effort, 'Murkn?!

Makes you wanna go shop right now, huh?

Still, for some people, Black Friday shopping has become a ritual, a way to get deep discounts on gifts and maybe even snag bargains on items they want for themselves. Although Janatte Rymer concedes that shopping on Black Friday means tolerating large crowds and "bumping into" shoppers, the 46-year-old Dorchester resident said the deals are worth it.

Yeah, 'Murkns LIKE to BELIEVE LIES, don't they?!?!

There are some unbeatable deals on Black Friday.

Jennifer Sills, a Circuit City spokeswoman:

"We encourage our shoppers to compare the sales advertised on TV and in circulars to see what is a better deal for them."

Why do I have to look in the circular every fucking week?

Can't you lying price-gougers just TELL ME THE TRUTH when I show up at your store?

FUCK BUSINESS in FASCISTA AMERIKA, readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And FUCK the MSM, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!