Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zionism Trumps Globalism


For many years now, there have been signals of a plan to create a single world government. This is hardly a new idea. Many leaders have desired global government throughout the ages. Hitler, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Attila, the Roman Caesars; every century or so humanity is cursed with a maniac or maniacs who are willing to slaughter millions of their fellow human beings for the chance to stand atop a temple built to their own vanity and scream "I am the King of the World" or variations thereof.

As you probably figured out by now, I oppose a one world government. History has shown that the larger a nation is, the more aggressive it tends to be, even towards its own people. What if Hitler had been elected leader of a global government? Who could or would have stopped him? What if a new global government falls into the hands of a Vlad Dracul, or Erzabet Bathory?

Second, national borders serve the same function to the planet that fire doors do to buildings and watertight doors do to ships; prevent a calamity in one location from becoming a catastrophe that destroys the whole system. If you prop open the fire doors and watertight doors it feels like things run faster and more smoothly, until a fire starts or the hull springs a leak. Indeed, it was globalization which allowed a US financial collapse to drag down much of the rest of the world with it.

Finally, when humanity has multiple nations, with old nations collapsing and new nations being created, society continues to evolve to find something better for itself. A single world government will first and foremost preserve and perpetuate itself. The status quo becomes the prime god of a one world government. Even the history of the United States, a supposed bastion of Democracy and freedom until recent events, shows a strict intolerance for alternative theories of government.

The sad feature of political power is that it attracts the very sort of people who should never be allowed to have it. Rulership of an entire planet is a powerful lure and those people willing to do anything to obtain such power are usually equally willing to do anything with it once they have it. Again, see history's prior examples for the precedent.

The push for global governance has been building. Various concocted reasons for the necessity of a global government are being presented to the public. Recently, Al Gore admitted that part of the agenda behind the global it-really-is-warming (honest) cult is to create the illusion of a global problem (climate change) to justify a global governing authority. Likewise, the hyping of the when pigs fly flu appears to be intended to create the illusion of a need for a global health authority, a "super" WHO, with enforcement powers.

Thus it is with a certain amount of surprise that I watched in recent days as the rug was pulled out from under the globalists by no less than Israel, and not just once, but three times!

The first time was when the United Nations voted to require Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and allow IAEA inspections. Israel has refused, and nothing more is expected to come of this.

The second time was during Ahmadinejad's speech at the United Nations. On queue, the US, France, Canada, New Zealand and a few other delegations all walked out of the room as soon as Ahmadinejad started talking about Israel's war crimes. These nations, it should be noted, purport to support freedom of speech. What is ironic is that in listening to Ahmadinejad's speech at the United Nations, he is only saying what the United Nations' own recent report on Israel's war crimes in Gaza is already saying. Those delegations that left in their haste to please Israel apparently do not understand that by so doing, they undermined the United Nations itself.

The third time was when the United States vowed that it would keep the United Nations report on Israel's war crimes in Gaza from ever reaching the International Criminal Court.

So here is my point. You cannot have a successful global government if you cannot govern the entire globe. You cannot have global government while one nation comports itself as if it is above the laws that all other nations live by. You cannot have a global government when one nation is held to be above criticism by the institutions of that very global government.

As long as Israel can commit war crimes with impunity, or ignore international nuclear safeguards, global government is impossible, and as of this display seen this last week, not even credible.