Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who Is The Winner?

"What If A Bomb Goes Off In An American Mall?

How About A Subway?

Who Is The Winner?

The Zionists know your Achilles' heel. If they were to hit, it will be a mall, a sporting event, a theater, or someplace that effects everyone. Look at the silly security at the airports. Picture yourself standing in a long line, late for a plane, and some Muslims are chattering in front of you. Since the Israelis False Flag attack on 9/11, they have everyone business traveler ready to put their shoe up every towel-head's ass they see.

If the Mossad pulls a series of mini 9/11s, the American public will care less if Israel attacks Iran. All the Zionists need to is blow up a movie theater. For the next 3 months all you will see are Jewish anti-terrorism experts on the 6:00 news. People will be thrilled to see Blackwater guards at their malls, or better yet 'Israeli security'.

When the news that twelve Israeli F-16's used nuclear bunker busters on Iran, all you would see is Americans waving Israeli flags at the next TV football game.