Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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[At this most critical juncture in Afghanistan, when US and NATO forces stand on the precipice of a complete rout without the help of either Iran or Russia, Iran has one month to capitulate to US/Israeli demands or face either military action or "crippling sanctions." Russia is defending its southern flank in Asia from insurgents/terrorists, who are described in the Western media as "Islamists." Obama will not pursue a truly diplomatic course to a new peaceful coexistence, instead, he will follow the fool's course, set by brilliant men like Brzezinski, straight into the trap that the Zionists have been preparing for us.]

MORE: Iran to fight enemy’s “soft war,” parliament told

"Apparently, Greenpeace is working very hard to portray the Zionist heartland as a wholesome place, populated by “regular people,” just like you and me. You and I would never contemplate doing what these colonizers gather on hillsides to cheer on, the Israeli “Superbowl.”

MORE: Greenpeace Israel–Rehabilitating the Image of the Fascist Zionist State