Saturday, September 12, 2009

Support the Troops: End the Wars

I strongly recommend taking the ten minutes and watching the video after the excerpt.

"9/11: Support our troops by ending these illegal wars

.... Our troops put their lives and families on the line for you. Now our troops need your help. It’s up to us to demand our psychopathic political “leadership” end these Wars of Aggression. BTW, I don’t use the term “psychopath” as a random ad hominem; I mean exactly what the word means: intentionally destructive acts with a veneer of socially acceptable behavior and charm. Based upon the facts that hundreds of journalists have made clear over the years (my summary is composed in several articles), we need to prosecute the government officials responsible for killing and irreparably harming United States troops as pawns in their global political games.

Because Congressional “leaders” from both parties are in collusion to abuse our troops, I recommend a policy of Truth and Reconciliation as the fastest way to end criminality. This strategy can peel-away those seeking a “Scrooge conversion” to become our powerful allies.

Below is the most beautiful and powerful artistic call to support our troops, an 8-minute video. I highly recommend their website for additionally powerful and moving videos.

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How You Ended The War from PuppetGov on Vimeo.


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