Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pakistan to Get Its Own Gitmo

"Speculation: US planning 'Guantanamo Bay' prison in Pakistan

Speculations are rife that the United States is planning a Guantanamo Bay kind of prison inside Pakistan. While the media reports have been claiming that the US is planning a massive expansion of its Islamabad Embassy, the latest report regarding establishing of a prison similar to that of Guantanamo Bay has heightened tension in the country. It is also being reported that Washington is planning to takeover a bombed luxury hotel in Peshawar, capital of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP), reported. Sources said the US State Department is searching for a new site for a consulate in Peshawar, long believed to be a key hub for American spies, and are considering establishing the same in the Pearl Continental Hotel. The five star hotel was destroyed partially in a suicide attack earlier this year.

(Blog editor's note: That sure raises questions about the attack.

See: The U.S. Invades and Occupies Pakistan

Cui Bono from the "suicide" attack? )

The Obama Administration is about to spend 405 million dollars for the reconstruction and refurbishment of the main embassy building and 111 million dollars for constructing a new complex for 330 personnel. A further 197 million dollars would be spent for construction of a housing unit for about 250 personnel. Many believe that with this expansion, the United States is planning to use Pakistan for pushing its policies in the region, similar to what it did in Baghdad. Breaking News 24/7: Plans to expand US embassy prompt rumors and concern amid anti-US sentiment in Pakistan.


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