Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Thoughts About 9/11

"Random Thoughts About 9/11

Here we are once again: The anniversary of the most important world-changing event since Pearl Harbor. Like many other crucial historical dates, people remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on that date. I don’t want to get into all of the evidence for or against the government’s version of exactly what happened this day but, suffice to say, I definitely don’t believe what we’ve been told.

Basically, I want to think about some of the more human aspects to this, how we all think about it and why. Much of our lives and this country’s financial health in the last eight years and many years into the future, revolves around this seminal event in our history.....

Whenever I see photos or footage of people falling from those buildings, I’m drawn to it in a way that makes me feel ashamed. It’s like looking at photos of the dead. I think most people have a morbid curiosity about such things, but do not want to admit it. Yet it’s true, people look at things like that because they know inside themselves, sooner or later, they too will be like that.

To be standing in the windows of one of those Towers, desperately breathing in the air and with an inferno raging ever closer to you and wondering if you can possibly find a way to live. Only minutes before, the day was so normal — absolutely sunny and beautiful — and then, all of sudden, comes a terrible explosion literally out of the blue. Flames, smoke and heat drive you towards the windows and fresh air. Finally, with no options left, you decide to hurl yourself out into space, knowing you will soon brutally crash into the ground. It’s all simply too unfathomable for us to really understand. The utter fear that they must have felt, still rings across the years to this day.

For many years afterwords, I believed in the government’s theory of this event. In fact, I laughed to myself that people actually believed it false, something that everyone saw take place in “real time,” before their eyes and which never could have been orchestrated by our own side. Or so I thought.

And how could anyone possibly do something as horrible as this to their own people? I had heard some garbled story about five “Mediterranean” men arrested in New Jersey and wondered just what that was about and then why it disappeared so quickly. I watched the news about all the recriminations and revelations about incompetence and blindly accepted that, too. I mean, after all, the government could screw up an iron wedge!

But many things did not seem to add up. The inconsistencies and omissions spoke volumes — the more I looked into it, the more problems I found. No, I’d pretty much discounted all the outlandish stuff out there. I knew they were websites touting totally ridiculous theories like video fakery, laser-projected imagery, stealth jets and the like. I avoided all that, as much as possible.

But other things stuck out like giant thumbs. The five “Mediterranean” men turned out to be Israelis. My friend in Manhattan had actually read an article about it in the Bergen Record, a New Jersey local paper. Now, if these guys were indeed Israelis and were there before the first plane struck the North tower, than that would mean one thing — one very, very big thing: They had to know in advance. The article said the police had found maps on these men maps marked in such a way that the police immediately believed them to have been a part of the attack itself. And they also took photos of themselves celebrating and holding up lighters like they were at a rock concert — and all the while innocent people were obviously dying, for chrissakes.

The whole police business was covered up and classified. I read that the FBI confiscated everything and even told the local police keep quiet about it. The company these men worked for, called “Urban Movers,” closed up overnight and the Jew owner hurried himself and his family on to Israel (leaving everything behind). It’s certain that Urban Movers was an Israeli MOSSAD front operation. The five men were released and allowed to return to Israel by a dual-citizen of Israel, Michael Chertoff, previously in charge at the FBI and then as Director of “Homeland Security.”

All this, is not even half of the story. God, it’s so obvious the whole deal was MOSSAD from the very beginning. Of course they covered it all up.

I know the government can and does manage to keep secrets and that the media is more than willing to stay silent. With the continued revelations in the public about 9/11, mostly from the tireless efforts of just a few American Patriot civilians and the foreign press — I knew many of these facts should have received non-stop attention from a “free media.” It was then that I realized, with a sickening feeling in my gut, that we never really did have a free media, after-all.

It was a beautiful fall day when the attack came literally out of the blue. NORAD appears to have had a exercise called “Vigilant Guardian” or possibly even a ”live-fly” hijacking exercise called “Vigilant Warrior” for that very morning, maybe even for the exact same hour.* The 9/11 Commission hid this daming fact from the American people. Could this exercise have been used as cover to confuse and paralyze our people?

Now, after finding out more about the Dancing Israelis of 9/11, I read just about everything I could about 9/11. Both pro-government theory and the so-called “Truther” movement. Eventually, I concluded that the government was indeed hiding many things about it and more than likely, knew about it all in advance, at the very least. Many other details and evidence painted a much more horrifying conclusion: That Zionist elements within our government had an active hand in the whole thing.

I believe that this will all come out one day. There is way too much going on over this to be kept hidden away forever. The media has shown a purposeful disconnect with the public on this and it’s easy to see why. If 9/11 was ever fully revealed, then the actions and agendas of powerful forces, those who seek to turn this country and people into what they think we should be, not what we want to be, will be shockingly evident.

And yes, the Jew has good reason to fear this exposure because he knows that the only way something like this could be covered-up to this extent, is because the mainstream media is going along with the government’s version of events. Just like how they patently ignore anything to do with the North American Union, all of the Globalist’s doings and virtually anything negative pertaining to the State of Israel. These news people should be more than ashamed of themselves. They do not have our interest in mind.

And they know well that Jewish extremists, rabid Zionists and the MOSSAD have no problem with inflicting collateral damage in the pursuit of their global ambitions, both here and in the Middle East. Collateral damage as in people jumping to their deaths off skyscrapers on a beautiful fall day, eight long years ago.

Never forget those people who died that day and learn everything you possibly can about it while you still can. And, most importantly, be willing to speak up about it to every one you know. Don’t let people use ridicule to silence you: This tactic is directly attributable to Jews who purposefully make up crazy stuff as “disinfo,” right along with a media that we know cannot be trusted any longer as a “free press;” a media that should have the interests of America before the State of Israel, but obviously doesn’t.

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