Saturday, September 12, 2009

Public Enemy Number One

"The 911Truth-Blind U.S. Corporate Media: PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE

Identification of the enemy is the first step in any war. Proper identification of enemies requires the consideration of domestic enemies as well as foreign. In the case of 911 Truth we are faced with both foreign and domestic enemies. In some cases we are faced with domesticated foreign enemies. One easily identifiable domestic enemy is the U.S. Corporate Media/Propaganda apparatus.

How can one tell the U.S. media is an enemy? One is their incessant call for the suppression of free speech. Of all the the occupations that live within our crumbling republic - the one I would last expect to call for the suppression of free speech would be a media enterprise. But this is not America anymore - but Amerika where the media has morphed from public servant to corporate serpent.

The issue that most represents the disservice Amerikan Corporate media does to the United States is that of the 911 Truth movement. This ballooning grass-roots movement never sees its reflection in the corporate media mirror. Instead a distorted fun-house reflection replies to the truther's eyes. Shouts for 911 Truth! into the abyss that is the corporate media fib-factory return no echo to affirm the existence of the 911 Truther's voice. Quite the contrary - the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, see-no-conspiracy media monkeys maintain a majestic silence regarding the facts surrounding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Silence regarding the facts - that is.

Notice how Glenn Beck is a disinformation agent - he mis-represents the facts of the 911 Truth movement. Why? Who is he working for?

Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Scarborough, many of our elected officials, the last three United States Presidents, venal Congresspersons, corrupt officials , leftys, righties - almost everyone with a podium that would lend credibility to the movement somehow remain committed to suppressing, discrediting, ridiculing and marginalizing the 911 grass-roots-scientifically-supported-ever-growing majority that is the 911 Truth Movement. Why?

BLACKMAIL (click) , corruption, bribery, and profit. Hidden agendas of the power elite propagated by the corporate whore media are the fodder for the herd that is the American public. There is no limit to the available airtime regarding Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and myriad minutia designed (yes designed) to distract, disinform, deflect and obfuscate matters of grave importance that betray decay at the foundations of our republic. Like what?

Like 911 Truth. The body of evidence demonstrating foreknowledge , nano-thermate, foreign and domestic enemy involvement, treasonous actions and inactions of high government officials, death squads, torture, war crimes, wars of aggression, FBI AWOL (click) , corrupt NSA, CIA, insane TSA - it's all documented - much available on this blog. So what do we do about it?

Public enemy number one is the U.S. Corporate-owned media. This propaganda apparatus can be identified as your enemy because they not only fail in their duty as watchdog, but they are active disinformation disseminators ensuring media blackouts of the most important issues of our time. While America morphs into Amerika the corporate media smears any patriot with the common sense or open-mindedness to consider conspiracy as an explanation for events. Ask yourself why the deposition given by Sibel Edmonds implicating TREASON and blackmail are not on the front page of every newspaper, the main story on every newscast, the main story on every radio talk show. Let me take a crack at the answer - because the puppetmasters that own your politicians own the media too.

Public enemy number one also sold us the wars. Public enemy number one is a cheerleader for merchants of death. Public enemy number one is a marketing masterpiece that will be the ruin of your Republic. Public enemy number one reported the collapse of WTC7 before it actually collapsed exactly in the manner of a controlled demolition. Public enemy number one is always a day late and a dollar short with information valuable to citizens of a republic. Public enemy number one is on time every time when delivery of propaganda is required by a blackmailed government or greedy corporation. Yep - they'll serve it up piping hot right out of the the pentagon lie-factory when the public needs another jolt of terror. Gotta keep the wars going!

Public enemy number one needs to be yoked and put back to work for the people. The liars they've hired should be remembered for their disservice to the Republic for which the 911 Truth movement stands.

911 Truth should be viewed as a litmus test for any media outlet's credibility. If they suppress 911 Truth you know they are your enemy - public enemy number one. Those media outlets, like KBDI in Colorado , who show the courage to present this dark aspect of modern Amerika pass the credibility litmus test. Try it out - see if you agree after paying attention for some time.

Remember that the fake 911 media myth could not be propagated without media complicity from the first moments of the attacks as is obvious in this video showing a "witness" who is either clairvoyant or reciting a script given his ability to determine the exact conspiracy story the U.S. government would feed the herd.

(CLICK HERE) to take that first step if you haven't already - and INFORM YOURSELF. Without an informed citizenry this Republic cannot function. This blog and many linked are the only avenue to truth circumventing PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE.

The 911Truth-Blind Corporate Media is PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE.
UPDATE SEPT 11, 2009 More statements from Glenn Beck smearing 911Truth
UPDATE SEPT 11, 2009 Glenn Beck calling General Wes Clark a Whacko?
UPDATE SEPT 11, 2009 I forgot to mention Chrissy Matthews as a steaming pile of dung: See time=6:09 where he and his fellow corporate-owned-shills attempt to smear 911Truth people - is he also speaking of General Wesley Clark? (See last update)