Monday, September 21, 2009

AmeriKa Today

"Resolving Our Internal Conflict is the Second Step....

Todays Amerika is a nation of greed and corruption. Wars of aggression sold to the public via interconnected and interlocking radio, television, print, entertainment and other propaganda purveyors of deceit. Shameless and tireless corporate-owned liars employing their trained silver tongues to sell and justify torture, war crimes, false-flag attacks ,targeted killings , and mercenary armies terrorizing nations that have done nothing to us. Our Federal government owns the Universities via grant money puppet-strings, spits in the face of the public by shamelessly acting contrary to campaign promises, fabricating lies disseminated via a controlled media, suppressing 911 truth, ignoring foreign blackmail-enforced control of elected officials, cheating the public out of their retirements.... the list is so long - but for some reason the Federal government of the United States continues its Draconian lock-down and Bill of Rights book-burning.

Bewildered Americans still in denial mesmerized by Hitlerian big lies cling to their religious-like fantasy that this can't be happening here while they are robbed, searched, snooped-on, victimized by corporate usurers, Tasered, jailed, denied habeas corpus, denied the right to bear arms, cheated by the Federal Reserve, kept stupid by monopolized media consolidated and manipulated beyond their wildest dreams, yoked by corporations with no loyalty to the United States, taxed to exhaustion to finance machine-gun-wielding thug police and mercenary-for-hire wars and TSA jackasses at the airports. Although this doesn't scratch the surface a person has to be either insane or just plain stupid not to realize that this is NOT AMERICA. So how do we deal with a domestic enemy?

This is not nearly as difficult as it sounds....

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