Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Media and 9/11

"Why does the mainline media still deny all 9/11 evidence?

September 15, 2009 by Notsilvia Night

To be sure, the mainline media is covering up a lot of very important issues by burying them under mountains of unimportant crap.

But, if you search diligently, you will find evidence of most government crimes being reported in some place of the main-line media, and even in a fair and efficient manner.

Sure these articles are often not picked up by many other news-outlets and stay alone and orphaned in the media-landscape.

But you can still find them online, if you take a good look.

And in this way bloggers, truth-searchers in the internet, can find them and connect the dots for others to read.

While the mainline media has lost much of its credibility to those people who are Internet savvy, others still rely on it, to decide if a point of view is in any way supportable or not. And therefor, the way the issue of 9/11 is treated in the mainline media influences the perception of a lot of ordinary people.

The mainline media has covered extensively the WMD lies, which got America and it´s allies into the Iraq war.

Over a million people were killed because of those lies, and innumerable war-crimes were committed. Some of those war-crimes and crimes against humanity were the torture and abuse scandals.

The media has covered Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, the rendition flights, the out-sourced torture prisons and other American war-crimes and crimes against humanity.

The mainline media has also covered some other crimes committed by government institutions, like the CIA involvement into drug-smuggling. The coverage wasn´t exactly extensive, but still it has been covered, and it let to a more or less successful congressional investigation.

Even the so-called “conspiracy theories” surrounding the JFK assassination have been dealt with fairly, at least in a handful of articles, and were subject of a not all-together fictional movie.

So why not 9/11?

Why are members of the truth-movement still considered tin-foil hatters, including former respected academics, scientists, architects, engineers, military officers, intelligence and government insiders, in every single mainline media out-let?

All the mainline ever dares to bring about the evidence presented, are hit-pieces, designed to discredit and ridicule.


With at least 30% of the European population, possibly just as many in America, Canada and Australia, having accepted that 9/11 was an inside job, why is there not a single mainline reporter or editor on the side of the truth-movement?


It´s Israel, of course.

No, I do not propose that Israel was the only culprit of 9/11.

Without the active support of non-Jewish elites, people like Dick Cheney and the Bush family, and the cover-up supported by large parts of the rest of the political establishment, 9/11 would not have been possible.

In spite of all this, all the evidence we now have still points to the involvement of the Mossad and the Israeli political establishment into the attacks of 9/11.

When the physical evidence will finally be accepted by mainline media and mainline political groups, the first question after the “how was it done” is the “who did it”, who was involved.
And at that point, it can´t be covered up any more.

Israel´s political class and it´s intelligence agencies were in it, deep, deep in it, together with American Neocons, fanatic supporters of Israel.

At that point, all American support for Israel will be over. No non-Jewish Americans would stand for it any more, and Jewish-Americans would no longer dare to ask, out of fear for the repercussions for the Jewish community.

I don´t think American will actually attack Israel.

With all it´s nuclear weapons, some of them on sub-marines, Israel would be difficult enemy.

But America wouldn´t have to.

When the US cuts it´s monetary support and it´s economic and military ties to Israel, the Zionist state will go down without a single shot fired. When America stops it´s support for Israel, many European countries will breath a sigh of relief and stop theirs as well.

Israeli economy will not survive this loss and crash.

Many Israelis will pack their bags, (after first changing their names) and go home to their true homelands in Europe.

Others will try to crush for a while with relatives in Canada, Australia or South-America.

And the Apartheit-State will die more or less peacefully for lack of personnel ready to do its shooting and oppressing.

The only obstacle for this turn of events to happen is, that fanatical supporters of Israel, Zionist Billionaires, have used some of their billions to gain majority ownership over a lot of mainline media and have gotten their influence-peddlers into most public media outlets, like the BBC, as well.

They allow a lot of critical subjects to be covered, at least slightly, to give the public the impression of a free and democratic media.

But they use all their power and influence to make sure that 9/11 stays totally under the lid, because this subject is too hot, too dangerous for Israel.