Monday, June 1, 2009

Letter to the New York Times

Returned to sender!

And here is why

"NY Times policy: if your letter attacks Iran & Palestine as "terror state" & your surname Jew, improved chance it will be published

.... No matter how brilliantly written the letter might be, if you are a "nobody" (no background -- college diploma in a specialized field, established author, professor, organizer, former diplomat, former government official, etc) and you don't have a Jewish surname, chances are poor your letter will be published. (edit: no phone call for verification after two or more days)

The fact that my surname sounds German (I am quarter German), in conjunction with my truth-telling opinion (mention illegal immigration/flood of migration leeching state handout system and political corruption as two reasons for California fiscal crisis and the editor cringes in automated political correctness as "truth filter"), cause the constructive, thought-provoking letter to end up in the trash folder at NYT email mainframe furnish proof New York Times is Jewish-dominated in its utter and hysterical bias towards anything not of the "Master Race."

New York Times deserves to kabosh because it serves as the premier propaganda rag by the Jews for the Jews in support of Zionism and dumb Goyim who cannot think critically when faced with Zionist infection of American newspaper business, instead engage in cognitive dissonance in regards to the disparity of Jewish media monopoly and fair & equal access to diversified opinions by the non-Jews in the subverted United States of Israel-America.

The corporate owners of the newspaper business wonder why they keep losing money. It's because the informed American public is sick of the propaganda pushed on them since Iraq War turned out terribly that misled the public with lies, half-truth and spin by Zionist cabal of Neocons & Neolibs.

Edit: We know New York Times as the ultimate elitist newspaper that prides itself as the mouthpiece for the ruling Establishment and Zionists. Some superlatively written "human interest" articles are worth reading that respects the social merit of journalism and that's it. I will never buy a copy of NY Times in physical form or click on the ad by the side of the online article; I await its eventual and deserving demise. The rest is spin and garbage (e.g. columns by pretentious, self-important shitheads like Thomas Friedman included).


An Apology to My Readers and Followers

Btw, readers, I used to write newspapers letters (including the Times and Globe) and even had a few published locally; however, I gave up on them long ago. They never listened and never changed their ways (and that was when I wrote nicely and politely) so I don't bother with letters anymore.