Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Hold Israel Accountable For War Crimes

"War Crimes~Hold Them Accountable


This organisation is called “The Central Commission for Documentation and Pursuit of Israeli War Criminals” set up inside Gaza by the Government and their mission, in short, is to document, record, protect and investigate Israeli war crimes in Gaza in the hopes of bringing legal suits against the War Criminals. You can visit their site and sign up to their mailing list. People should support them; Israel needs to be held accountable for what they did. You can visit them here to read about their missions.

Now, they have several units within this organisation, one of which produces media. Things like videos, movies, etc. The videos are on CD’s; and I have been lucky enough to obtain one. However, as they are on CD, I have no way to get them online at this time, although I am working on that as well. Still, I have managed to extract many of the photos to publish here. They want people to see exactly what the Israeli War Criminals did.

The photos come under separate headings, children, UN Facilities, Schools, civilians, Government Buildings, hospital workers, hospitals, homes, homeless people and so on. There are close to 500 photos all together. I am going through them all now and today in this diary I will be posting about the children. Albeit some of the photos have already made it online, but many have not. So that’s my introductory, now my diary begins:

It’s hard looking at the massive amounts of photos, realising that you are not looking at some major production Hollywood disaster film. But instead, you are looking at everyday people, regular people, just like yourself, men, women and children, facing the same obstacles as you do in every day life. With one massive glaring exception, they are under constant occupation, living in an open air concentration camp, unable to run, or hide whenever their aggressors decide to inflict collective punishment onto the population.

Each one of these little people, these children, have been robbed of their life by Israeli war criminals. The types of soldiers who so proudly wore the IDF t-shits showing pregnant Muslim women with the heading “one shot, two kills” This explains in full reality, exactly how Arabs are viewed by Israeli terrorist death squad soldiers. They see no one as being innocent; they hate the entire race of people. It is this mindset that allows them to murder without feeling, without showing any humanity, without remorse, without conscience. This, the 4th largest army in the world with nuclear weapons, fighting against stones and home made rockets. What happened in Gaza was massive over kill to the highest degree, state sanctioned murder, collective punishment on an entire population at the hands of those whom should know better. Israel has learned no lesson from their holocaust. They have become what they once fought against and hated, they are now the 21st century Nazis.

Below is pictured one little girl whom I have picked out of the many photos. Many people will have seen one of the photos of her before, the one where only her small dusty head lies among the rubble of her home, the place she is meant to feel safe. I had always thought that only her small head was left as a stark reminder of her short life, and the crimes against humanity Israel committed in her neighbourhood. However, that photo is but one in three. In fact, she was buried up to her small head in rubble. She was eventually dug out of her very public grave, albeit her small body much to injured to have ever survived.

Covered in rubble up to her neck

After being dug out, now being carried to Ambulance

The last ride she will ever take, thanks to Israel

I thought to myself, who is she, what is her name, what was her favourite colour, her favourite food, her favourite toy. What was the sound of her laughter like? What did she dream of and what made her smile? These things we will never know, but we must all never forget, we must remember her and all the other close to 400 children massacred by Israel. Each one distinct, each one special, each one an individual, each one with the capacity to have changed the world, to have lived their dream, to have had an opportunity to leave their unique mark on this world. So with that thought, I would ask people to remember all the children below in the slideshow, victims of Israeli war criminals, each one. If you want to view the larger photos, click them to come to my flickr where they are much larger Post continues after slideshow below:

This is almost too much to comprehend for right thinking moral people of this world. As such, I am now going to walk out my front door and walk among the streets and fields, safe in the knowledge that I will not be bombed into the stone age outside my house. And whilst I am walking I will remember them, and I will pray for the day when those who are left alive in Gaza, can walk among their streets and fields, safe in the knowledge that they will not be bombed into the stone age either