Thursday, June 25, 2009

Israel Gives FATAH its Reward

"Israel Gives FATAH its Reward

The Jewish Jihadist Terrorists are moving forward with their evil racist plan of wiping the Palestinians off the map. Their greed, arrogance and lack of respect for the law knows no boundaries. They are a Thieving Racist Band of Greedy Terrorists hell bent on grabbing by force or theft, as much land as possible, before they are forced to behave like human beings, instead of vermin.

Ever notice how Israel supports corrupt FATAH in the West Bank? Ever notice how FATAH’s “talks” with Israel and cooperation with Israel has done nothing to stop them stealing more land? Wonder why no settlements are in Gaza? And yet people want to condemn HAMAS for fighting back? When for years the people have seen the “rewards” FATAH has received for its attempts at making peace with Israel? Yet people have the audacity to question HAMAS’ armed struggle and cannot see that it is a natural reaction as FATAH have made no gains what so ever for their non-violent stance and attempts at talks. For Israel, talks are seen as only one thing, an opportunity to expand their settlement activities, whilst at the same time appearing to want to move forward in so called talks. Additional settlements are the reward FATAH has received from Israel, additional settlements are what the USA have received for its attempts at “talking” with Israel. Time to increase actions against Israel, talking does nothing except give them more time to steal and ethnically cleanse Palestinians off their own land.
Israel defies US with plan for 240 new homes on Palestinian land

Israel's defence ministry has proposed legalising 60 existing homes at a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, and building another 240 homes at the site, despite US calls for a halt to settlement growth.

It said the construction plan was put forward for public inspection shortly after the Israeli government was formed this spring and was first approved by Ehud Barak, the defence minister. It was now awaiting final approval.

The plan, which follows a pattern over many years of settlement growth, appears to challenge directly Barack Obama's administration, which has issued several clear calls for an end to the practice.

In an interview yesterday Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said arguing about settlement activity was a waste of time. Last week, the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, told Israel's foreign minister, Avigdor ¬Lieberman, that Washington wanted "to see a stop to the settlements".

Bimkom said the plan covered 86 hectares (212 acres) and stretched across agricultural land belonging to the village of al-Jania, which is home to 1,200 Palestinians. The only way the farmers could reach their land was along a road which, under the new plan, would become an internal part of the settlement and therefore off-limits to Palestinians. "The new plan, which incorporates part of the road, will disable residents of al-Jania to work their lands and will greatly damage their freedom of movement," Bimkom said.

Water Reservoir Hill was mentioned in a 2005 report for the Israeli government by the lawyer Talia Sasson, who found it was neither authorised nor approved by the Israeli government and was built without an approved, detailed, plan. Some of it is built on privately owned Palestinian land and the site is far from the main settlement blocs and several miles inside the West Bank.
Today I am biting my tongue in order to not say that I wish someone would return the favour and wipe them off the map as they are doing to Palestine. Ooooops, I said it. So hard not to hate and despise them, for their own actions create the very hatred they are now experiencing. When day after day, atrocities after atrocities, racist action after racist action, theft after theft, murder after murder, kidnap after kidnap, internment after internment, enslavement after enslavement, over 60 UN resolutions broken, defiance after defiance, hundreds of babies, children and women murdered, Illegal use of weapons, white phosphorous, DIME missiles, collective punishment of an entire population. So this begs the question; “What’s left to Like?” nothing really, and that is Israel’s self created destiny and self created problem.

Even with all the billions spent on their “Hasbara Machine” with the most recent folly being the “Tel Aviv” beaches being built around the world in an obvious effort to “re-brand” themselves as “normal” people, nothing will work this time. There is simply not enough money to make people forget what they have done and continue to do on a daily basis. Here is Obama’s recent answer to the Zionists:
US cancels Netanyahu meet over settlements:
JERUSALEM (AFP) — Washington called off a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the US Middle East envoy because of Israel's refusal to halt settlement growth, an Israeli newspaper said.

The mass-selling Yediot Aharonot, quoting an unnamed Israeli official, said that Washington issued a "stern" message to Netanyahu to halt all settlement activity on occupied Palestinian land, including so-called "natural growth" within existing settlements.

"Once you've finished the homework we gave you on stopping construction in the settlements, let us know. Until then, there's no point in having (US Middle East envoy George) Mitchell fly to Paris to meet you," the official said.
This is not enough from Obama. I did a wee experiment the other day; I searched for blogs in support of Palestine. And guess what I found? Literally too many to count, with the majority of them having come into creation both during and after the Gaza Genocide, just like this blog. The tide has turned for the Zionist Entity, the mask has slipped, the world has now seen the evil face of Zionism and we don’t like it and don’t want it advancing it’s evil in the Middle East any longer. Today Palestine has more support than it has ever had, we must not waste this, we must not stop protesting, blogging and making convoys to Gaza. This is how we fight against the terrorists of the Zionist Entity, by continually reminding the world, each and every day of their continuing crimes against their neighbors, and continually calling on our own countries and politicians to stop the Zionist Cancer that is eating Palestinian land and killing its people.

Old Irish Saying: Ní síocháin gan saoirse= no peace without freedom"