Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why the World Hates Israel

There are so many reasons....

"Shining Example of WHY the World HATES Israel

Another one shot, another one dead, another day under Israeli occupation.

Just for one minute, Imagine if, during the end of the Bush Administration, American police officers, or American Soldiers, came upon a large group of people protesting against the Iraq war. Easy to imagine, it happened hundreds of times. And what if a small handful of those protesters, let's say five or six out of 200, threw a stone at the Riot Squad. Then, what if the Police Officers just opened fire on the entire group of American civilians protesting, killing several of them. It happened once in American history, at Kent State during the Viet Nam war. But never again!

However, this is exactly what Israel does on a daily basis for a great number of years. They commit state sanctioned murder, they murder people who are only armed with tiny stones against tanks, armoured cars and military rifles. And, Israel wonders why people hate them? More below:
RAMALLAH, West Bank, June 5 (Reuters) - Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian man on Friday in a confrontation with stone-throwing protesters in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian hospital officials said.

Medics said Aqel Srour, 35, was hit in the chest by a live bullet and another protester was wounded when soldiers fired at protesters in Nilin, a village near the city of Ramallah.

Srour died minutes later, Mohammed Shahwan, a doctor on the ambulance called to the scene, told Reuters.

An Israeli military spokesman said troops had opened fire when protesters threw stones at them in the village, but would not confirm whether the troops had used live ammunition. link
And I would like to take this opportunity to remind you, it is not just Palestinians they shoot, they shoot Americans as well. Pictured below is Tristan Anderson, before and after becoming acquainted with IDF forces.
Watch Tristan get shot by Israeli murderers:

Michael Sfard, an Israeli human rights lawyer, who has filed a formal demand for an official investigation, said that of some 120 criminal investigations brought against security force members since the beginning of the intifada, there had only been one conviction – against the Arab-Israeli soldier who shot British peace activist Tom Hurndall dead in Gaza.

Nobody was brought to trial in two other cases involving the deaths of foreign nationals. They were Rachel Corrie, who like Mr Hurndall was an International Solidarity Movement volunteer. The Israeli military has not accepted responsibility for her death. In the case of British film-maker James Miller, Israeli authorities made a substantial cash payment to his family this year, which came nearly six years after his death.

The Israeli military said that on the day Mr Anderson was shot, some 400 rioters, “some masked”, had thrown “a massive number of rocks” at their forces.

So, "rocks" and "masks" are considered deadly to soldiers of the 4th largest army in the world, with rifles and tanks. Makes prefect sense, only in Israel, where they murder for sport and never are held accountable for their crimes, even against Americans, Britians or any other country. They are immune, because they are poor little Israel.

Read what Tristan's parents have to say here.


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