Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Most Violent Country On Earth

U.S. is 61st?! I guess they don't include military aggressions.

Oh, the two nations we libera..., 'er, are occupying rank below Israel -- imagine that.

"Israel Ranks As The 4th Most Violent Country On Earth

Next to Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq (two of these countries are currently being destroyed by Zio-America), Israel is the most violent and least peaceful nation on earth. Gee, I thought Israel was supposed to be a "democracy". No, Israel is not a democracy by any means. It is the world's premier terrorist nation and the biggest violator of human rights on this planet. Israel is a bellicose and belligerent nuclear state and has brought nothing but war, bloodshed and hatred to the Middle East. The fact that Israel is more violent than almost every African nation shows you how truly bloodthirsty and despicable the Talmudic Zionist Jewish supremacist tribalist regime really is. Down with Israel!

Sad, but totally true.