Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Israel's Internecine Holocaust

"The Plot to Exterminate Non-Zionist Jews

Israel is a Big Lie

Part of the Holocaust lie involves claims that people like Dr. Joseph Mengele performed ghastly medical experiments on Jewish victims. There is much evidence to show that these experiments never occurred, but no one disputes that Zionist Jews have had their own “Angels of Death,” and certainly conducted ghastly medical experiments on helpless victims. (Whenever Zionists sense that their crimes are about to be exposed, they accuse everyone else of committing the crime. This is a smokescreen.)

The victims were Sephardic Jews. Their tormentors were Ashkenazi Jews. The scene was Israel.

To recount the nightmarish facts, we must start in the USA …

After the Oppenheimer team manufactured the atomic bomb, many of the Los Alamos scientists, especially Jewish ones, wanted to know how radiation kills people. Countless radiation victims were available for study in Japan, but the Los Alamos scientists found it easier to poison American Goyim and study the lethal results.

The Oppenheimer team secretly commissioned military doctors to inject plutonium granules into unsuspecting men, women, and children in hospital wards across the country. Then the ‘golden needle’ treatments were expanded to include homeless people, inmates in prison, and other parties that had no power to resist. Soon more substances were added, and the number of victims were increased. At a Tennessee prenatal clinic, hundreds of pregnant women were given ‘vitamin cocktails’ laced with radioactive iron. At a school in Massachusetts, scores of disabled children were spoon-fed radioactive isotopes with their morning oatmeal. Those who died underwent special autopsies in which their organs were removed and secretly shipped to Los Alamos for study. Other victims suffered chronic pain and sickness, which they passed to their descendants in the form of birth defects.

You can learn about all this on the Internet by looking up “plutonium experiments.” It was a closely guarded secret until the mid-1990s. The Israeli secret was even more closely guarded.

Eventually the horror in the USA was exposed (but not to the public) and the Oppenheimer team was forced to stop torturing and murdering American Goyim. After that, the team obtained its victims from outside the USA. Israeli Health Minister Yosef Burg used IRGUN terrorists to kidnap 4,500 Yemeni children and ship them in steel cages to the USA for more plutonium experiments.

Also involved in this crime was the 27-year-old Shimon Peres, the main sponsor of Israel’s nuclear weapons program.

The Oppenheimer team at Los Alamos paid large amounts of money to Peres and his terrorist gang to abduct and deliver the Yemeni children for torture and murder. Today this is known as the “Yemeni Babies Affair.” (Everyone else commits “crimes,” but Zionists are merely charged with being involved in “affairs,” such as the “Lavon Affair.”)

Eventually this program also leaked out, and the Oppenheimer team had to move its program to Israel. Oppenheimer himself became disgraced for his involvement in Bolshevism and espionage, but doctors on his team continued their “work.” In Israel, however, the ghastly radiation experiments festered into a program of mass extermination.

In 1951, Dr. Chaim Sheba, the Surgeon General for the Israeli military, replaced Yosef Burg as Israel’s Minister of Health. (Burg later became Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, and the leader of the World Mizraki Movement, a “religious” world Zionist organization.)

Acting as the new “health” minister, Dr. Chaim Sheba flew to America and returned with seven x-ray machines, supplied by Los Alamos. Then he used the machines to blast the heads of Sephardic Jew children with 35,000 times the maximum safe dose of X-rays. At that time, Israel’s entire health budget was 60 million liras per year, but the Zionist-controlled U.S. government paid Israel 300 million liras per year to exterminate the children.

Dr. Sheba and the Israeli government told ordinary technicians that Sephardic Jewish children were being treated for ringworm. The technicians were sent to various schools, and were told to summon all Sephardic children for special “field trips.” Ashkenazi children were told to remain in their seats. Tens of thousands of Sephardic children were loaded onto business, taken to special clinics, and lined up to have their heads shaved. Molten wax was then applied to their scalps to remove all their hair down to the roots, followed by a skin-irritating gel that enhanced the lethal effects of the radiation. Next the children were put in chairs and told to hold a ball between their legs so they would keep still. Then they were blasted with lethal X-rays. Over 100,000 children were given this treatment, and their parents were charged money for this “service.”

About 6,000 children died right away. Those who survived developed cancers that killed thousands of them over time, and are still killing them today. Most of the victims also suffer from epilepsy, amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic headaches, and psychosis. Their own children are born with birth defects, and also develop cancer. Survivors soon became part of Israel’s perpetually poor and criminal class. (Moroccan Jews who went to France instead of Israel became prosperous and highly educated.)

Today in Israel, everyone notices that Sephardic women in their fifties have large bald spots, which they try to cover with henna and with caps. Ashke-NAZI Israelis long assumed this was a characteristic of Sephardic women, but Sephardic Jew women normally have thick hair.

The dangers of x-rays had been known for over forty years, but X-rays are invisible, and the Israeli technicians believed the ringworm cover-story devised by Dr. Sheba and the Israeli government. The technicians simply pointed machines at the children and flipped a switch. Any technician who realized what was happening was quickly silenced by Prime Minister Ben Gurion and his IRGUN thugs (which included terrorists like future Prime Minister Begin).

It was all part of a Zionist eugenics program to weed out undesirable Jewish elements. (This is why Zionists obsessively claim that Nazis practiced eugenics. Zionists wish to conceal their own eugenics programs.)

Dr. Sheba had connections with the World Zionist Organization in Zurich, a group that was notoriously racist against anyone (including Jews) who is not of Ashkenazi heritage, and which blessed the extermination program. Two of the WZO’s leaders, Nahum Goldmann and Levi Eshkol, spent World War II safely in Zurich, and were outspoken in their desire to have only “white” Jews in Palestine. After the war, Goldman and Eshkol went to New York to become head of the World Jewish Congress, headed by Samuel Bronfman. According to Canadian Jewish writer Mordecai Richler, Samuel Bronfman cut a deal with Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King to prevent the immigration of European Jews to Canada. Everyone had to go to Palestine.

Ben Gurion rewarded Chaim Sheba for overseeing the extermination program, and made him head of the Beilionson Hospital in Palestine, and later the Tel HaShomer Hospital. In 1968 Sheba was given the Israel Prize (Israel’s highest prize, awarded to outstanding Zionists). Today Dr. Sheba is a national hero.

Over the years, surviving victims tried to find out who had authorized the tortures, but the Israeli Health Ministry said all records were “lost in a fire.”

The main sponsor of Dr. Sheba’s murders was Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, who hired his son Amos as Minister of Police in order to conceal the crimes as they occurred. Today the international airport in Tel Aviv is named after David Ben Gurion, and a large medical complex is named after Dr. Sheba. (Sheba was a Romanian Jew who died in 1971. The Chaim Sheba Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the Middle East. It is where Ariel Sharon’s body has been kept alive since Sharon had a stroke on January 4, 2006. )

Other people involved in the extermination program were Finance Minister Eliezer Kaplan, plus Foreign Minister Moshe Sharrett (pictures below) plus Labor Minister Golda Meir, who later became Prime Minister. One reason why Golda Meir was allowed to become Prime Minister was that she agreed to keep the secret, just as Condoleeza Rice was rewarded with meteoric advancement because she was willing to keep the secret about 9-11.

Also involved was Levi Eshkol (picture below), the Minister of Settlements whose job was to find homes for Jewish immigrants to Israel, but who made sure that Sephardic Jew immigrant children went to the extermination clinics. Like most of the people involved in this monstrous plot, Eshkol later became Prime Minister, and ordered the attack on Egypt and Syria that touched off the Six-Day War in 1967. He also ordered the attack on the USS Liberty (June 8, 1967.)

The young Shimon Peres was also involved. “Nuclear Peres” we might call him. Today he is a hero to all Zionists. The real Nazis are Ashkenazis.

Because the extermination program brought such huge amounts of money from American taxpayers, Finance Minister Eliezer Kaplan had a hospital named after him in the city of Rehovot.

By the early 1990s, some of the surviving victims tried to sue the Israeli government, but were rebuffed. Israel claimed that radiation was a common means to treat ringworm. (A lie.) Meanwhile Ashkenazi Jews publicly ridiculed and dismissed the victims’ claims.

Eventually the Israeli government quietly paid off some of the survivors in 1995. (Simultaneously the U.S. government quietly paid off surviving American victims of the Los Alamos program). In both countries the payments were only a modest pension, plus financial assistance to provide medical care for the victims’ government-caused ailments. Each victim must hire an attorney to present his or her case in court, which decides compensation on a case-by-case basis.

In 2004, Casque D’or Films and Dimona Productions (a French-Israeli effort) produced a 45-minute documentary about the extermination program. Titled 100,000 Rays (English titled: The Ringworm Children), the film appeared on Israeli television on August 14, 2004, but few Israelis saw it because the Israeli government made sure it was shown at 9:00 pm. At that time, on another channel, most Israelis were watching the highest-rated show of the year: the final of Israel’s Kochav Nola (i.e., A Star Is Born, the Israeli equivalent to the American Idol program shown in the USA. Rupert Murdoch is involved in both.)

The Israeli government learned this concealment trick from its American slaves. When the U.S. or Israeli government is no longer able to cover up its crimes, it allows a documentary to be shown on TV, but only in a time slot when few people are likely to see it. In this way the government claims it is not practicing censorship. The murderous Likud Party used the same trick after it arranged for the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who dared to seek peace with Palestinians. An Israeli documentary revealed that Shin Beth (Israeli internal security) was involved, but it was shown at a time when few Israelis saw it.

In 2004, most of the Israelis who did see the TV program 100,000 Rays were outraged that it was shown. They flooded the Israeli TV station (Channel 10) with hate mail, and with demands that everyone at the station be fired.

Today Ashkenazi Israelis continue to persecute “non-white” Jews in Israel. (See our post titled, Ethiopian Blood Not Good Enough for “White” Israelis.) These are the maggots that claim to have the “only Democracy in the Middle East.” These are the vermin that claim to be “victims” while they exterminate everyone else, including Jews who are not Ashkenazi. They suck tax dollars from the American Goyim, and use the money to perpetrate countless acts of unspeakable evil.

Since the Zionist parasites believe in eugenics, we might mention that psychosis seems to be genetically inherent in them, like Type I Gaucher disease (a genetic disorder that occurs in Ashkenazi Jews).

As for the Sephardic Jew victims, our heart aches for them. We consider all children to be angels – including Jewish children. It is only after they have been injected with the venom called Zionism that they are lost.

Then, sadly, they join the ranks of those who will be subject to the next great cleansing, only the next time it will be Ashke-NAZI Zionists.