Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama's Morph Job

“The Obama administration is morphing into the Bush administration"

Right before your eyes, readers:

That center photo sure is something, isn't it?

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"Ten Questions For Everyone Who Supported Obama

Stewart Browne

Dear Supporters of Barack Obama,

You presented Mr. Obama as the candidate of change. You attached that word to his face and plastered it across the country. Change We Can Believe In. Change From Day 1. The Candidate of Change. It's time for Change in America.

On election night, you announced to the world that "Change has come to America ." You hijacked Google so that the first search result for "Change" led to Obama's web site.

America responded. Clearly, the country was in the mood for change. Bush left office with dismal polling numbers, some of the worst ever, and Obama's victory was decisive. Not only did your guy win the White House, but his party locked in a solid majority in both houses of Congress. The first quarter of Obama's first fiscal year is now closing...

Obama supporters, you got everything you wanted on Election Night. Obama won big, the Democrats won big in Congress, the Democrats cleaned up at the state level. But the only change you got was even more of what you hate. An escalation in our wars overseas, blatant, disgusting government windfalls for the wealthiest Americans, and an overwhelming sense that a group of oligarchs have partnered with the President to enrich themselves at everyone else's expense....