Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Minority Crew

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"9/11 and the Unpredictable Winds of Change

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think about 9/11 and the mountain of hard, cold facts that prove beyond question that the official story is a lie. Lately we’ve been treated to a particular insidious morphing of perception. From demagogue Glenn Beck to any number of government and corporate shills we are now hearing that 9/11 truthers are “low level terrorists” and that they would be willing to work with Al Qaeda or any other terror organization that came along. We’ve even got Howdy Doody weighing in on the matter.

Of course, the cover-up was a fait accompli from the moment that Zionista, Philip Zelikow was appointed to head the 9/11 commission. You can read all about his pedigree in the preceding link. It’s just one more coincidence that an Israel firster would be appointed to control an investigation where so much of the evidence that has surfaced over the years points to Mossad as one of the main players in the attack.

I’ve looked for reasons why the whole world isn’t convinced of what actually took place on that day. There are a number of possibilities and when they are combined it’s not hard to see how chicken salad can be turned into chicken shit and served as a global lunch. There is the progressive dumbing down of the population through a violated education system; there’s the junkie fixation on mass media reports, there’s the steroidal entertainment industry and strange compounds in the air, food and water. But,

…the evidence is so damning and comprehensive that even a borderline intellect should be able to see through a plot that is more gossamer than a reality starlets dress. The endless looping of three massive buildings coming down at freefall into their own footprint tells more than enough. It defies the laws of physics. It goes against irrevocable laws of nature and yet… and yet…… mystifying.

Then there is the strange case of the admitted Mossad agents, video-taping, celebrating and dancing in Liberty State Park in New Jersey as the towers were attacked. They were set up for this before the event occurred and they were employees of the Israeli intelligence service. There’s a lot more to the story too, including box cutters, packets of cash, foreign passports and the smell of explosives that set off the dogs. At the very, very least they knew well ahead of time and said nothing. You throw in the Odigo instant messaging service and the fact that an Israeli firm, ICTS was in charge of security at all 9/11 airports, the Madrid Train Station and the London Tube on the days of the attacks and… well, it’s not rocket surgery. There’s so much more than this that all points to Mossad and the CIA with the assistance of British intelligence and various members of other intelligence services like… Pakistan.

It’s not a question of whether there is a conspiracy about the matter. That is a given. It’s not a matter of who was involved. That is a given. All that we lack are the actual details of how and when.

Someone has been directing a heat source at Howdy Doody’s ass. It must be serious because he appears to have gotten a skin graft from Pinocchio. It’s all falling apart though. They are scrambling. When they have to rush through myriad hate legislations whose intent is to curb free speech and …when they have to describe people looking for the truth as terrorists then… there’s trouble behind closed doors.

The majority of truthers just want to focus on a basic conspiracy on the part of the Bush administration. The truth has limits even among truthers. The unfortunate reality though is that when you go looking for the truth you often discover things that carry a heavy price tag for their exposure. I’m in the minority crew who has made the connection to Israel and has no reservations about saying so.

The Big Brezezinski has announced that “global political awakening” is deeply troubling. What is a person to assume from such a statement? It’s much like Howdy Doody going on and on about the rule of law and a plethora of catchphrases and soundbytes about how fair and just the American system, while at the same time calling for indefinite detention. There’s no way these tortured and broken men can constitute any kind of serious threat so, for those using their objective reasoning, there is only one conclusion. They don’t want these men talking about what has happened to them. Howdy Doody even wants to give them the opportunity to plead guilty and receive a death sentence.

The level of absurdity needs to be commented on. This Janus faced president is a marvel in talking out of both sides of his mouth and… at the same time doing ventriloquist work out of yet another opening. He’s a regular one man band of contradictions for the purpose of misdirection.

We don’t deal with the metaphysical here at Smoking Mirrors. That is the job of Visible Origami but… there is some kind of supernatural FX in operation and not all of it is in the hands of the lying reptiles in the seats of temporal power.

I am fascinated by the explanations given for just about anything these days and am in a flatfooted awe of the public’s willingness to swallow them. There is a pressure in the midst that cannot and will not be contained. She’s gonna blow. Where and when that is we shall see shortly. Pipes are knocking and trembling. Steel plates are groaning against the restraining rivets. Something has got to give somewhere.

Meanwhile there are enough votes in the house to bring the issue of the Federal Reserve to the floor. We’ve seen what has happened in America when forces opposed to the Federal Reserve go into action. It’s right there. It’s not like these things were not said and done. It’s right there but… “Row, row, row your boat, merrily down the stream”.

This gradual awakening of the population is the key danger to and concern of the vampire elite who prey upon them. It’s happening. This is a time of awakening and they are scrambling to arrest it, to distract it, to contain and control it but they cannot. It won’t be long before they turn on each other. Not a day passes but some new scandal is reported. Not a day passes without new information about criminal behavior on the part of the people at the top of the pyramid landfill. And the landfill is on fire from within.

A group of respected scientists found abundant traces of military grade nano-thermite all over the place at Ground Zero. You can find plenty more about this. Just ask any search engine. It would have taken a couple of tons of this to do the job. Did Bin Laden sneak into the towers disguised as Marvin Bush? How did Bin Laden get all that thermite into the buildings without being seen? Really… how did he do it? How did that thermite get there?

I realize that some portion of you are bone deep stupid; some portion of you are believers in “My country right or wrong.”; some of you are afraid, some of you are so caught up in your own enterprises that you don’t much care about anything else. I’m thinking according to whatever your reasons are for going along with the program will determine where you wind up.

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