Monday, June 15, 2009

You Have to Free Your Mind Before You Can Free Anything Else

Key phrase:

"you find troubling and revealing information on what’s actually going on"

(Blog author's note:
I alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"Vampires and Werewolves and Ghouls, Oh My!
by Visible

I’ve been living in a country where the northern half is rich and the southern half is poor. I’ve been in both but I live in the south. I don’t notice that people are poor. They are vibrant and alive. They appear to be thriving. There’s a movement among the residents of the north to cut the country in two. That won’t ever happen (I don’t think) but it tells you about what you can expect from human nature.

I go to the alternative news sites and I get one variation on ‘the news’. I go to the MSM and I get something very different. Reading in the MSM you get the impression that things are pretty much like they’ve always been and that the financial crisis must be pretty much over because you don’t hear much about it. I find this strange since millions of people have lost their jobs in the United States over recent years. Industries have collapsed. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes or are about to. Despite all of this, the celebration of cheap entertainments, celebrity worship and the tackiest creations I have ever seen are the bulk of the daily fare.

In the larger alternative, news-gathering sites like or The Truthseeker you find news that focuses on conditions and events which are ignored or given a reverse spin by the MSM. In the alternative news sites you find troubling and revealing information on what’s actually going on. It seems that the MSM does not report the news. It manufactures an appearance of the news for the purpose of mind control. What is the impact of this on the minds of the sleeping classes who are faced with a much different reality in their lives by comparison with what they are being told? Maybe that is also part of the intent.

There’s something I have been trying to say for awhile but have never managed to express with the clarity I wanted. I’m going to try again because, to me, it is the most important thing we face in our lives. How we approach and process information is a direct determinant of the quality of our lives and what authors the roadmap of our personal journey.

There are three main influences in the world that are responsible for what we perceive as the world. These are government, religion and the media. Over the course of history, these are the forces that have determined who our enemies are. All three of these forces are under the control of the ones who control the money. There’s nothing more to say about it. Expediency and profit are the motives and the end game. Both of these are increasingly ramped up over time so that there is more and more expediency for profit and a larger and larger percentage of profit for those engaged. The cost is an ever diminishing quality of products and quality of life for the masses.

The lives of the masses are of no account to the ruling classes except as canon fodder and cheap labor. Many political movements have attempted to address these issues but these issues cannot be addressed because every political movement comes under the control of the counterfeiters who soon take control of it and whatever religions and media might exist at the time as well. What happens is no different than what occurs between rival criminal gangs when they carve up territories for their mutual benefit. Most of the religions tell the people that they must submit to temporal authority and that the payoff for this comes about in an invisible place to which death will deliver them.

This is all becoming more and more clear to some number of the population because we are in a time of revealing. The corruptions in the churches have been trumpeted in the headlines. The corruptions in government are a daily affair. The lies of the press have been so severe that anyone of even ordinary intelligence can see it. The only exceptions are those who buy into the idea that there actually are competing ideologies like Liberal and Conservative or those who are actively involved in the lies for their own gain.

My point is not about what the reader already knows. It needs to be said and said again but… the reader knows these things. My point is about the operation of your mind. Even while we know that all of these forces are hopelessly compromised and corrupt, some part of us continues to doubt our own perceptions. Some part of us cooperates in an internal way with our psychopathic abusers. We do it to get by or because we feel we are powerless. We do it in the hope of protecting our loved ones or in the hope that someone will say, “Yes we can.” and mean it. We hope we don’t get fooled again but we always get fooled because we just don’t make that internal shift which sets us firmly rooted in the knowledge and belief that every one of these forces are inveterate liars who are incapable of the truth… ever.

We can see the soulless pandering and venal behavior on the part of each of these forces as they line up to get their marching orders from the people in control of the money. We can see the behavior of their private police forces maintaining order in the face of public resentment at their enormous thefts. We SEE this but some part of us just doesn’t want to accept that it is irrefutably true and that there is no difference between them and a vampire, a werewolf or a ghoul.

I’m talking about waking up because we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. There is more to the picture than the appearance of their total control. The fact is that they are losing control and the primary control upon which all of their schemes and efforts depend is the control of the human mind and its perceptions. For whatever the reason, they are losing this by the hour. The growing emergence of the 9/11 truth movement; the rise of the blogs, the pervasiveness of the internet and alternative news organs, the growing perception of the people, in a general way, to the transparent lies of the day are all collectively throwing a spanner between the legs of this New World Goose-stepping revue.

I once pointed out the immediate police response that was provoked by a group of 60’s protesters who attempted to circle the Pentagon and levitate it. Go ahead and laugh at the idea but… ‘They’ know what collective human thought is capable of. They do not want us with our eyes open and they do not want us organized which is why they infiltrate every effort to do so. However, there is something possible for us now that was not possible in the past.

It doesn’t matter where we are. It doesn’t matter if we meet each other. If we can join together across time and space from wherever we find ourselves, in a common agreement to SEE these forces for what they are, that alone is going to make more difference than you can now imagine. We need to agree to be a part of this and work to include everyone we meet (who might show enough signs of integrity and intelligence) into it as well. We need to tell ourselves in our minds that every time we read an MSM article, every time we hear a politician or religious leader speak that they are lying. Say it in your mind and say it out loud. Do not look at the world the way it is but as it can be once enough of us are in agreement about who is torturing and murdering us for profit and sport.

Most of you know that the government has been involved in mind control, remote viewing and all sorts of occult enterprises for the purpose of increasing its power. There must be some truth to the idea that there are practices and principles which can be applied for purposes of good or evil. Look at their use of symbols and even the dates upon which they have recently attacked buildings and institutions of their own countries. The force of revolution is the very collective mindset of which I speak. There are all kinds of revolutions and they all begin in the mind. You have to free your mind before you can free anything else about yourself.

For the moment I would like for you to think about this and see what your own mind comes up with. This is no different than a virus. It can sweep the world. It can also sweep it clean as well. We have to start with ourselves, inside our own minds, before we will ever see the effects outside of ourselves.

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