Monday, June 15, 2009

The Real War

"A Few Angry Men

by Scott Creighton

This is class warfare. Pure and simple. Nothing complicated about it. The war has been going on for quite some time though the vast majority of the population isn’t currently aware of it because the media in this country, like many of our representatives, have picked a side – and it isn’t ours.

In this war, you almost have to become a casualty before you even notice the battle going on all around you. We had better do something about that.

This is the strategy they are using against us; As used in many other nations across the globe, the Chicago School - Milton Friedman economic shock doctrine of “unrestricted free-trade”, the complete deregulation of the markets, and the privatization of the national treasury at the direct cost of the middle, working, and working poor classes of America. Trade unions will be dismantled either bought out, or removed by various other means, access to education will be tightly controlled, dissent will not be tolerated (as we are already seeing), funding for a domestic paramilitary force will increase, and young poor children will be encouraged to “volunteer” for work brigades rather than furthering their education.

The first state to fully implement this “Brick” of an economic plan will be California and from there it will spread.

It is not just the republicans. This policy is supported with equal enthusiasm by moderate republicans, by the Blue Dog Democrats, and the Democratic Leadership Council members currently running the show in the White House.

The economic crash of California, just like the economic crash of the rest of the country, was manufactured to give these “free-market” zealots the opportunity or the “Disaster” they needed to implement these measures. It is well documented that where ever these fascist policies are installed, the people never approve of them therefore they must be partnered with an almost dictatorial state of government.

We can talk about 9/11 or we can talk about the Federal Reserve till we are blue in the face and it won’t make one iota of difference to the people calling the shots. Not one.

They have been stifling dissent of the questions of the official story of 9/11 for the past 8 years – since they staged the worst single act of false flag terrorism in recorded history. And in the case of the institutional illegality and rampant corruption of the Federal Reserve Bank system, they have been keeping the lid on that since at least the last time they tried to kill Andrew Jackson. If not longer.

But these things we have focused so much time, research, and passionate debate on… they are not the war. They are crimes of war or they are machinations of war; the all important tools of the global raider’s trade. But they are not the war itself. The very knowledge that a war has been ongoing for decades has been carefully kept from the people of this nation, by design and collusion with the media conglomerates, for decades.

Our investigations have reached deep into the heart of the events of 9/11. Quality investigations that have gone far enough so that now millions and millions of good American people, people from all walks of life – rich, poor, educated, working, blue-collar, white-collar, politicians, preachers, pilots, engineers, cooks, ditch-diggers, soldiers, cops, and dreamers – people from every facet of this great nation (though they may disagree on almost every other thing there is to discuss), millions and millions of them, now know that the official story of what happened that day in September, to nearly 3,000 innocent people and countless other since who have suffered and perished from sickness or s the result of illegal wars for empire, … is a lie.

The official story of 9/11 is simply a lie. It could not have happened. It’s just that simple.

And still millions more “know” it, but they just won’t say it.

The Federal Reserve Banking system is simply their tool. No different than many other central bank systems set up in democracies that our CIA has helped overthrow over the past 60 years. The privatized central banking system is a key part of the process of bleeding the national wealth out of the target nation as well as serving as a hub for their consolidated power system that will ultimately outlast any “elected” government or revolution. Working in concert with the other privatized central banks and globalist organizations like the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund, these institutions are the conduit from which the Friedman “free-market” virus enters the blood-stream of the infected national economy of any nation, then like a parasite, it drains the host body’s strength, leaving it just strong enough to produce revenue, and not strong enough to resist.

We understand the history and the facts, we know the science and the lies that have been told, then untold. We know all these things… but we will never understand all there is to know.

Though the Audit the Fed Bill should be passed as that it is long overdue that the people of this nation were granted a glimpse into how our economy is manipulated, the fact of the matter remains it would take years for the GAO to conduct the audit, and then it’s ultimate worth is dependent on incorruptible public servants reporting back to us the truth. We have switched one dark hand for the other. Created another 9/11 Truth commission, if you will, where we will gladly wait for years for the “promise” of integrity.

These topics are of critical importance to our cause, but they must not become our cause. In the end, put the full unedited books before 99.9% of the people at any “End the Fed” rally, spread them all out there for them to read and contemplate, and absorb… and we will be no closer to freedom than we were the day before. Because they won’t know what it means. The audit will have to be interpreted for them, and then the explanations interpreted as well.

In the end, they will be dependent on the good intentions of their masters no matter what. Because at this moment, as well informed as the best of us are, we are merely ants. Worker ants trying to understand the inner workings of a car. We can hypothesize, we can postulate, we can even run tests on the paint and the textures of the tires by nibbling at them with our little pinchers. But in the end, we are just ants looking at it from the outside.

Auditing the Fed is a great idea, but it is not the war.

Waking Up the people is a good idea, but it is not the war.

This is class warfare. Pure and simple. Nothing complicated about it.

Not between us and the doctor living down the street – he is us.

Not between us and the merchant selling his wares on the corner – except for his dreams, he too is us.

Not between us and the immigrant worker doing his best to make a living anyway he can for himself and his family – he is us too.

This is class warfare and this is what they don’t want people to know just yet. Because the only thing in history that has ever toppled this kind of Milton “free-market” oligarchical state has been the combined resistance of the enslaved people. This is another part of history they don’t want you to know. In every single failure of this type of system, it has always been at the hands of a collective body of citizens who finally rose up and said enough.

Right now, we are two little ants perched on the side of a car, nibbling away at the paint or the tire while bickering back and forth about the nature of the thing, while below us across the pavement, a sea of ants spread out across the horizon waits for direction.

Sometimes understanding the nature of the thing simply doesn’t matter. All that matters is what that thing is doing and how the people feel about it.

Tyrants don’t fear a few intelligent men, but they dread a million angry ones.


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