Monday, June 1, 2009

Evil and the Karma of the Universe

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"Evil Riding Shotgun with the Apocalypse

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I go away for a few days where there’s no news, only people, sand and water. I come back and look at the news and I see where Israel keeps ratcheting up the hate speech against Palestinians which may be why they like to finance all those hate speech laws so that they can control everyone else’s attempts to tell the truth while they take high profile public dumps on what they intend to destroy and tell you right to your face that they didn’t say what they said when they said it and that’s probably against the law too.

Across the pampas of the world, I hear cows bellowing, Sheep baa…inggg… watch Madonna-Kabala distraction and all the superficial forces of the Media Nation captivate the world with just how high stepping fine it is to live in a Salvation Army clothing container; might not be a bad thing because you are looking finer in the past than you will be looking in the future and the present is all you got anyway so… how about that?

Now… where do I start? Tamil Tigers will not be relocating to Detroit? No, that happens all the time somewhere or other; like Western Papua or what used to be called Burma. That’s a regional difficulties, collateral damage, happens all the time kind of thing. How about the Obama, Michael Jackson thing where he eases up on some issue or policy that he felt one way about and… look at that, the President is moon-walking? You already know about that too.

“Searching, I been searching… I been searching every way yay, yay.” Well look at that. It appears that Senator Lautenberg is saying that America won’t do anything but wag her tail if Israel attacks Iran. Well, that’s comforting. How could I imagine that Franky Boy is doing anything other than defending America’s right to applaud yet another Israeli inspired attack against yet another enemy? Dude, you know his heart belongs to New Jersey and you know that the Arabs want Secaucus and East Rutherford really, really bad. Frank’s just looking out for his constituency.

I took a stroll through my favorite news gathering sites and from what I can see, I get the palpable sense that evil is showing it’s hand in many ways and is too stupid to realize it. Evil can be wickedly clever about a lot of things, especially when it come to presenting itself as good. However, there’s one thing that evil isn’t very good at and that is long term survival because it always over-steps and shoots itself in the foot. I realize that evil is now the province of what was formerly known as the good guys and I realize that it looks like evil has enough weapons on hand to exterminate the competition but… for some reason, when it comes to controlling the whole world, evil always winds up going down.

Certain evils, that were responsible for setting up the other evils that went down last time, have now shown their hand as the new and improved evils which used to look like the good guys until they publicly demonstrated in some very convincing ways that they are not good guys. This puts them in the position to experience what they visited upon previous evils because they are now in the driver’s seat of the evil car which always runs into problems when it tries to do what has never been done and that is, take over the world.

It will even look like they might do it but they won’t do it. Evil always makes the wrong friends and the wrong enemies. It even arms the ones who destroy them. That’s how evil works. Evil also spends a lot of ink and elbow grease making themselves look good to the cows and the sheep but… for some reason, evil never seems to be able to really convince anyone for long enough to get their total cooperation.

There’s an interesting phenomena that I have noted on occasion and that is when a stray dog comes on to a property where another smaller dog lives. That smaller dog always chases the big dog off. There’s some kind of cosmic rule about that and I suspect it relates to the human theater of operations as well. I’m not going to go into my take on why nobody ever took over the world. The fact is that no one has and… no one ever will.

It’s also interesting to note the degree of over confidence and indolence on the part of the populations of the countries where evil has been living for awhile. For some reason, evil always compromises the populations that they take control of. For some reason they think that turning them into walking, donut robots is going to give them some kind of lockstep, reaction force but instead, what they have done is turned their soldiers into people who aren’t really sure about anything anymore and that is why so many of them are killing themselves or escaping in ways that make them not as well tuned as they ought to be.

Evil also loots the resources of the population and takes away their homes and their incomes by fraudulent means and that is also a bad mistake because sometimes evil will wind up with a revolution while it is trying to destroy other possible evils and you can’t fight both of these battles at the same time.

I’m looking forward to seeing evil get it’s ass kicked, though I am not so happy about what will probably happen to all those people who went along with the program because they didn’t know any better but… maybe that’s a form of education in real time.

I have very convincing reasons for believing as I do but I’m not going to go into them here. I will say that this is the perfect time for anyone who has serious questions about what they’ve been involved in to step back or find some other form of employment. I realize a lot of people won’t do this but there is some number who might be catching on and I suggest you trust your gut instinct.

You see, there’s another thing that evil does and that is that it can’t help but expose itself and it always does it too soon. Evil gets away with a lot and that’s all it takes to inflate the over confidence and make it hunger for that big score. It never sees Waterloo. It doesn’t realize that death is waiting in Samara. Evil loses because, being evil, it does not take into account certain features. It always thinks that it can destroy all of the good things in life and all of the good people but… certain human characteristics are just a lot stronger than other characteristics or we would never have gotten as far as we have. Things only work a certain way and even then, only for so long and one of the reasons for that is that when good things go wrong it is usually because evil has taken over and… the good news is that it won’t be all that long before evil is gone again too. Sure it comes back. Heck, one of these days, people might even recognize the certainty of certain things. The Founding Fathers knew. They said all sorts of things to this effect.

I know you’re worried about the state of the world but you’re just in a certain stage and it will find its way back to a new beginning. It always does. There won’t be as many of us but that’s just how it goes. Keep in mind all of the revelations that keep coming out about all of the formerly known as good guys. That’s a big part of it too. People who are in the wrong know they are in the wrong on some level and that really compromises their ability to proceed with the necessary intensity.

The one thing to remember is that when evil is destroying itself you should make a point of not standing too close to the action.

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