Sunday, January 4, 2009

Israelis Protest Gaza Assault

Somehow, I'll bet my Zionist-controlled War Daily misses these protests, too.

"Tel Aviv rally decries Gaza assault

Israel's left-wing residents gather to add their voice against the assault on Gaza [AFP]

Amid cries of "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies!" and banners reading, "Enough!" thousands of Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night to protest against the country's war on Gaza.


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Protesters called for an immediate end to the Israeli attacks, in which more than 450 Palestinians have been killed and around 2,100 injured since air assaults on Gaza began last Saturday.

Organisers, a coalition of groups such as Gush Shalom, the Hadash party and the Coalition of Women for Peace, were encouraged by the turnout.

"We have experience from the last war, in Lebanon, and this time the public outcry is much quicker and much bigger," said veteran Gush Shalom campaigner Uri Avnery.

"It is a cynical war, for political reasons and people are very much aware of that."

Palestinian-Israelis who demonstrated alongside Jewish co-nationalists waved the Palestinian flag, as police attempt to ban such a practice before the protest was overruled by the Israeli high court.

Earlier on Saturday, about 10,000 demonstrators, predominantly Palestinian-Israelis, protested in the northern Galilee village of Sakhnin.

Many of the demonstrators expressed a desire show another side of the Israeli equation amid overwhelming public support for the current attacks.

"There are people who think differently," said 24-year-old Iya Michlin, from Tel Aviv.

"It is important that the world, and especially the Arab world, sees that."

Others were clear in their requirements from the Israeli government.

"I want them to start talking," said Raquel Mendelson, 65, from the central Israeli town, Rehovot.

"You can't continue to believe that you can fight attacks with more attacks. It's time to talk, not to die - not here and not there."


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