Monday, January 26, 2009

Israel Turns Its Eye Toward Iran

"Israel switches to Iran after Gaza

Tel Aviv has reintroduced the idea of attacking Iran in the wake of a deadly military offensive in Gaza, which claimed over 1300 lives. In a Saturday night meeting with Quartet envoy Tony Blair, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak claimed that Iran's nuclear program threaten the stability of the region....

Wake the Flock Up Commentary:

"So you should go kill them for us!"


Israel is really good at starting wars, so long as someone else pays for them. And Israel has a past history of hurling baseless accusations at other countries to justify attacks on them.

Israel made the exact same claims about Iraq leading up to the bombing of the Osirik power station in Iraq. Then it was Israel's spy within the Pentagon Office of Special Plans that fed much of the claims about Iraq's nuclear weapons to the White House, information which later proved to be lies.

After the United States invaded Iraq, the ruins at Osirik were inspected by the IAEA, and found to be remains of a power station, with no evidence of any weapons program. Likewise, the much ballyhooed weapons of mass destruction were a myth.

The recent Israeli attack on Gaza should teach us all a lesson. Israel started out claiming HAMAS had broke the cease fire, then had to backtrack and admit that it was Israel that fired the first shots on November 4th. Then after denying the use of white phosphorus over the populated areas of Gaza, Israel (unable to control the flow of damning photographs out of Gaza despite locking out the press) admitted using white phosphorus, but only as a smoke screen. Then the photos of the white phosphorus attack on the UN school surfaced and Israel said they would "look into it." Finally, the world will long remember Tzipi Livni insisting there were no civilian casualties even as the bodies of dead infants piled up, which Israel later tried (and failed) to dismiss with a claim that HAMAS was killing their own children just to make Israel look bad.

In short, Israel has a long history of "If at first you don;t succeed, lie, lie again" a disgusting habit our own government has sadly acquired through too many years of close association.

At this point it is prudent to assume Israel is lying when it makes accusations against other countries, and that any "evidence" presented will be, like the Niger Documents purporting to prove Iraq was buying Yellowcake, hoaxes."