Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gaza's Children Share Their Stories


Remember your first days back to school after summer vacation? Remember hearing the stories from your classmates about what they did during those days?

This is not so in Gaza these days… children are not talking about the summer camps they attended or the family outings they participated in….. they are talking about the horrors they experienced during the Israeli bombardment of their schools and homes.

The following video takes a glimpse of these children and what they had to say…..

This video was NOT aired on BBC or Sky News….. it might ‘tarnish their biased image’…..

The Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for humanitarian donations to Gaza has been screened on ITV and Channel 4.

The decision to screen the film follows point-blank refusals from both the BBC and Sky News, who said it would threaten their impartial image.

The controversy over the BBC’s refusal to show the two minute film reached a crescendo today, with director general Mark Thompson forced to go on Radio 4’s Today programme to explain his decision.