Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Obama Change


January 20th was to bring a day of “CHANGE” for our country, the beginning of the halt to the war in Iraq. We shall wait and see.

“CHANGE” - more jobs for the American people.

“CHANGE” - a more stable and prosperous economy.

“CHANGE” - a safer, more secure country.

“CHANGE” - a more transparent and open government beholding only to the voters of America.

“CHANGE” - to stop the home foreclosures to qualified Americans.

I know we are only a few days into the Obama administration, but so far “CHANGE” is the farthest thing I have ever witnessed in my life. So far it appears that the “CHANGE” we are getting from BHO is nothing more than more of the same we got from GW Bush in that the only one benefiting from it is the Government of Israel, giving them more power than any time in history. Is there real


Look at Obama’s Cabinet. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, has said she is in favor of nuking Iran and protecting Israel at all costs.

“CHANGE” - Chief of Staff, Rahm Israel Emmanuel, President Obama’s right-hand man who served in the Israeli Defense Forces, not the American military, and his father is a known Israeli terrorist.

“CHANGE” Senator Mitchell, Special Middle East advisor. How many special envoys have there been since 1967? None of them have achieved one ounce of success, much less any “CHANGE”.

“CHANGE” - Mr. Axelrod, an Israeli-firster forever. Whatever is good for Israel, not America is certainly great for him. No “CHANGE”

“CHANGE” in our foreign policy to other countries. Obama spouts peace but just yesterday fired missiles on a sovereign country, Pakistan killing and maiming innocent civilians. After that, his vice president Joe “I am a Zionist’ Biden announced to that the American people should “prepare for more casualties in Afghanistan.”

“CHANGE” - there is no “CHANGE” in the Obama Administration. It leans so heavily on protecting Israel and making sure they have plenty of money and arms with borrowed money we give them for free.

“CHANGE” - the members of the US Senate and Congress voted in one of the most lop-sided votes in history, all in favor of Israel. I have never seen such a vote on any issue so lop-sided. “CHANGE” - in our legislature (bought and paid for by 5th column groups such as AIPAC & ADL) elected officials are more favorable to Israel’s position than any time in history. No “CHANGE”. All you see is more of our government following Israel’s marching orders from the Zionist State.

“CHANGE” - the USS Liberty survivors want a full and fair investigation into the deliberate slaughter of Americans on the high seas by the Government of Israel. No “CHANGE” in policy. The government of the United States has been covering up war crimes against the crew and America for almost 42 years.

“CHANGE” - our fellow Americans are fighting wars for Israel and have been for almost 8 years. No “CHANGE”. America’s blood is not as good as Israeli blood so we fight their wars for them thanks to the president and congress. If Israel wants war let them fight their own wars, spill their own blood, not the blood of our children. “CHANGE” is never going to happen in this country until we cut this blood sucking leach, Israel, off our backs.

When and if that “CHANGE” ever happens then you will see the greatness of America return. We cannot afford Israel’s demands and arrogance a day longer. Our country is crumbling beneath our very feet and she can’t take much more. If our children and grandchildren are allowed to live the American dream, “CHANGE” must come now. A very wise man, George Ball, once said if Israel can get by with murdering Americans on the USS Liberty, then they can get by with almost anything. Well the truth is this–THEY ARE. Look at the heavy loss of life in the Gaza, all with American arms, money, and support. That’s not “CHANGE”.That is out and out complicity to murder. I, as a patriotic, combat wounded veteran who loves America, want “CHANGE” now as all Americans deserve. No more wars for Israel, not more money, no more arms.

Phillip F. Tourney, USS Liberty survivor

Three time president of USS Liberty Veterans Assoc