Saturday, January 3, 2009

Muslim Women Protest Against Israeli Aggression

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A sea of Palestinian flags could be seen as protestors turned out to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people against Israeli aggression. Those present also condemned Arab governments for their lack of action in support of the Palestinians living in Gaza.

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"Yemeni and Palestinian women call for ending war on Gaza
Youth call on Arab governments to allow their citizens to join Gazan resistance

Thousands of Yemeni and Palestinian women and schoolgirls demanded a stop to Israel’s attacks against the Gaza Strip, where the death toll has now reached 350 and more than 1000 wounded mostly from civilians.

The women gathered in a play-ground in Al-Tahreer Square in the heart of Sana’a carrying pictures of the leaders of Hamas, and chanting anti-Israeli and anti-American slogans. The women were led by the Yemen-based Hamas Women, and blamed Arab leaders for what they called an “Arab conspiracy” against the Palestinians.

“Jihad is the only solution”, “Jihad is the only solution”, read one of the banners. We are ready to die, another banner reads. The female chanted slogans in favor of Hamas leaders, including Khaled Mishal and Ismail Hania. Earlier, cleric Abdul Majeed Al-Zandani, who is also Vice-Chairman of the Popular Committee for Defending Al-Aqsa and Rector of Al-Eman University, called on Muslim scholars to issue a Fatwa prohibiting the closure of Palestinian border crossings into Egypt.

“To the President of Egypt, Mohmmed Husni Mubarak, we would say: participation in besieging our brothers in Gaza until death is participation in their killing,” Al Zandani said. Meanwhile, the Centre for Freedom and Protection of Journalists, a local NGO, condemned the war crimes being committed by Israel against the Palestinians in Gaza. They urged local journalists to document such crimes and other violations of human rights.

"What is happening in Gaza is a war crime and genocide, violating all international conventions - and the world should stop them," said a statement issued by the centre. "The journalists are the witnesses of the truth, and they could rescue million of people from massacres by reminding the world that keeping silent is an unforgivable crime, and that the perpetrators must be held accountable."

In a related protest the previous day, thousands of young Yemeni’s took to the streets to protest Israeli actions against the Palestinians. They called on theirs, and other Arab governments to allow their people to travel to the West Bank to wage jihad against the Israeli occupiers.
Hundreds of Yemenis took to the streets Sunday in angry rallies to denounce recent Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, which has left more than 271 dead.

Tens of thousands of people gathered at the Sana’a Sport City Stadium in a public rally to condemn Israeli aggression against Gaza.

The rally was attended by many top officials and partisan officials, and called for an immediate Arab summit to put a stop to the Israeli assault against the people of Gaza. They also called for the lifting of the blockade in order to provide the people of Gaza with desperately needed supplies of food and medicine.

The angry demonstrators expressed their rage over the Israeli raids which they described as criminal and disgusting, and some analysts believe they are the worst attack in terms of civilian casualties since 1967. Others condemned the attack as the most barbaric attack in modern history, describing the Israeli regime as the last remaining apartheid regime in today’s world.

The speeches given at the rally expressed anger and grief over the Gaza situation, and held Arab regimes accountable for what is happening there. They called on regimes to allow citizens to join the Gazan resistance, after an official failure to support the resistance movement militarily.

Some demonstrators called on Arab governments to let the Arab youth to go to Palestine in order to fight against the Zionists, because violence is the only language that the Zionists understand. Journalist Yahia Karad reported from Hodeidah saying that thousands of people and students held rallies in the University campus, denouncing the Israeli atrocities....