Saturday, January 31, 2009

Israel Illustrates Police State Tactics For Protests

I'm glad someone is paying attention to the New York Times, because I never do anymore.

"The Illustrated Manual for Police Brutality

The New York Times is not usually a favorite of those of us who are, well, addicted to the news.

But there is always something to be thankful for, everyday. Like this picture which the paper used today:

It was taken by Sebastain Scheiner of the AP and is used here in an illustrative purpose.

It displays “Lesson #53″ in the (fictitious) Police Manual for Methods of Applying Brutality.

Lesson #53 reads: “while your colleague(s) subdue a protestor, raise your right arm to his/her head level, take a step forward with your left foot, pretend to accidentally stumble, thus causing you to take a brisk and firm step forward with your right foot, thus causing your upraised right elbow to effectively smash into the protestors face. With any luck, you can even break his/her nose or at the very least, his/her glasses”.

Other lessons:

#42 - When gently leading a protestor away, hold his/her hand in both of your and firmly press the his/her fingers together. With luck, you may crush a digit.

Like this:

and Lesson #77 - When carrying a demonstrator away, especially female, have two officers grab one leg each and then slowly separate as walking away.

Like this:

I found another legs version here:

And Maneuver #28, Twist Arm While Pressing Out Elbow here:-

Welcome to the Israeli Police, those guardians of civil rights and liberties.