Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whistling Past the Graveyard in the Night of the Living Dead

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"Whistling Past the Graveyard in the Night of the Living Dead

A couple of days ago the main headline at MSNBC shouted that by 2011 there would be 20,000 soldiers stationed on U.S. soil for the purpose of protecting and defending against acts of terrorism and acts of nature. The image I got was of ranks of men firing into the ground to stop an earthquake or firing into the air to stop a storm. The other image was of ranks of soldiers firing into crowds to defend the authors of a domestic attack, engineered by the leaders of the country.

The next day the headline screamed that America should expect a biological agent attack by 2013. This is something that ‘they’ wanted you to know. Ask yourself why they would tell you something like this.

Watching Obama go about the business of filling the seats of his high command is a gruesome ordeal. He has appointed Rahm Emanuel. As I am writing this, Obama is seriously considering appointing Jane Harman to a top intelligence post. This is a very dark individual. Jane Harman is deep under the covers with the most prominent serial killers of our time. She sneaked HR 1955 into operation under the nose of the American people and you don’t need to know about her other dirty deeds, this one is enough.

Dennis Ross is a Fox News kind of a guy and like Harmon, a Zionist Gollum. He’s Paul Wofowitz’s good buddy. Obama has put him in charge of Middle East policy. Given what I can only imagine these people are up to, I would say it is time to get far away from large population centers. Here be psychopaths, my friends. Here are the faces of evil and they are soon to be pustulating with venom for the human race, in a room crowded with like minded snakes.

For those of you intelligent enough to see what this means; those of you who supported Obama and his talk of hope and change… what must you be thinking now? What must you be thinking? What Obama has done is appoint George Romero as Secretary of Reality. America… you are screwed and, by extension, so is everyone else.

I don’t want to go into the sordid details of these individual lives and their ceaseless efforts to make life as difficult as possible for those they have been empowered to serve. You can educate yourself about these dung slugs on your own time. I don’t want to trouble my beautiful mind, picking the white spots off of the chicken shit.

I’ll just give you a little analogy about one of them. Let us say that you go to school in a bad neighborhood and that it’s 1958 and the school is mostly white and the school is somewhere in Mississippi and that there are five young black children who have entered this school for the first time. Let’s say that these kids are in 6th and 7th grade and let’s say that there is a gang of white, high school dropouts who hang around in an area near the school that is also a place which you have to pass by on your way to the black neighborhood. Let’s say that this gang hates black people and thinks that they are animals and that they can do anything they want to them without fear of consequences. The head of this gang would be Dennis Ross and the little black children would be the people of Gaza. There is no hyperbole in this description… none at all.

You could say that the other members of this gang are some of the names already mentioned and you could find out the other names by looking at Obama’s other appointments. You could add some other victims to the list that includes Gaza and they would be the American people and any other people anywhere that are in the way of anything that these gang members want. You should remember too that the parents of these gang members are all friends of the local police, the politicians and the judiciary. There is no hyperbole in this… none at all.

Before the dawn breaks and break it will… there is going to be one long dark highway into night that we must travel. We must walk past the cemetery and there are flesh eating zombies there. We must rely on our wits, our reflexes and whatever we have placed our faith in to protect us and the ones we love. This is very like the video game, Doom.

I want to find something positive that I can say to you and it is a difficult task. I could tell you that challenges and adversity can strengthen your resolve. I could tell you that you could afford to lose a few pounds or that materialism has been clouding your mind and stifling your spirit and that what is coming is going to make you a better person if you make it past the graveyard. I’m not sure that this is the positive message that you want to hear. I’m wondering if this message is even positive.

I will tell you that humanity has suffered some grim periods of transition. I will tell you that this is definitely one of them. I can also tell you that there is an indefinable power in humanity that rises to the occasion when the need is upon it. I will not attempt to define this or speak about its mysterious origins in the hearts of the true heroes who appear in our time of crisis. I will tell you that it is there and it will appear. Across this land and every land there are hundreds of thousands of us, possibly millions of us who will “not go gentle into that dark night.”

This is the hour that you must look within you and seek out who you are. It does not take a genius to see what the combination of these individuals and their henchmen and lackeys implies for the fate of the world. If you are not in deep denial about what is happening in front of your eyes then you are most likely troubled indeed.

The same people who did 9/11 and who engineered the London Tube attacks and the Madrid Train Station bombings are the people who orchestrated the Mumbai attacks. They have quite a few more events planned in their relentless pursuit of world domination. They are no differently intending than Hitler or Stalin or Mao was. They are this year’s representatives of the same malevolent evil that appears as regular as the seasons in human affairs. It can no longer be in doubt who this Obama is and what he has in mind. It would make no difference if George W. Bush were to just stay where he is for another four years. The proof is in the pudding and it is there to be seen as clear as day in the physical evidence of those with whom Obama has chosen to associate himself.

I’m not Gandhi or anyone like him. I can’t lead you to a better world. I am no well-placed general with humanities interest in my heart. I have no political or social cachet. I’m no one, in the middle of a rural farming community, telling the few who will hear this that you had better think about where you are and what you are doing and you had better think about it now. There are people and places that will weather these times and there are people and places that will not. It is for you to decide. It is for you to look within your heart and determine what is best for you and yours.

Make no mistake; what infuriates these people is the very idea of human freedom and positive, creative expression. It makes their cold blood curdle. They hate what is good and true and decent and if that is you then… they hate you. Take comfort in the fact that they will be dealt with when the time comes. But there is a space of distance between now and then.

Simplify your lives and clarify your hearts and minds. Find what you know to be true and hold fast to it. One of their chief weapons is to make you degenerate and to weaken your will by distracting you with banal and trivial entertainments. It is past time to find the unbreakable cord of strength that runs from generation to generation. It is inside you. You can find it if you will. If you can find your calm center within, you will pass through the zombies who will most certainly grab the others who are lacking the connection to their essential core. Define it any way you like, just make certain it is real.

I Love You