Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Daniel Pearl-Mumbai Connection

"Daniel Pearl and the Mumbai Attackers

by: Peter Chamberlin

Pakistan may be forced to divert troops toward the Indian border from the Afghanistan border, where Pakistan’s army has been helping prevent Osama bin Laden and other accused terrorists from fleeing.”

Military analysts believe there is a real threat that India could launch airstrikes in the Kashmir region to target the training bases of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Tuesday, Punjab police sought to arrest Mr. Azhar of Jaish-e-Mohammed at his home in Bahawalpur. The cleric was released from a prison in Indian-controlled Kashmir in December 1999 in an exchange for passengers by the hijackers of an Indian plane taken to Afghanistan.

The preceding quotes do not refer to today’s India/Pakistani crisis; they are quotes from the last three articles written by Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, before his horrific murder in Karachi in 2002.

The story he was investigating, which brought about his brutal decapitation, is the same international conspiracy that is being investigated today, in the Mumbai terror attacks. Even the names of the suspects have remained the same– Lashkar-e-Taiba, Massod Azhar, Ibrahim Dawood. The recent crackdown on the Kashmiri militant groups who were fingered in the Mumbai attacks, and the arrest of their leaders (Massod Azhar, a founder of the Jaish-e-Mohammad group and Zaki-ur-Rehmen Lakhvi, commander of Lashkar-e-Taiba) is the same illusory solution proffered by Pakistan in the previous eruption...


Pearl was one of the first researchers to uncover the CIA/al Qaida/drugs/criminals network which millions of people simply refer to today as “al Qaida.” At the time of Pearl’s investigation, the US was beginning the war in Afghanistan and preparing to butcher Iraq. He simply could not be allowed to expose the CIA’s hand in drugs, smuggling and state terrorism, but most importantly, he could not be allowed to reveal the American hand in creating the war of terror itself. It is doubtful that Pearl could accept, or even comprehend the direction his investigation was taking him in....

Pearl’s killers, the attackers of Mumbai in 1993 and the attackers of the Parliament in 2001 all come from the same network of militants and underworld figures and their CIA/ISI handlers, just like today’s Mumbai attackers. We are left to figure-out who has the most to gain from destabilizing India and Pakistan by provoking a military conflagration, or creating the impression that Pakistan might move its troops from the Frontier war against the fake “Taliban,” to a real war on its eastern front with India. This one question tells us that the real master minds who have killed so many people in all of these false flag attacks have had very complex strategic geo-political intentions, definitely not just a “bunch of stirred-up Muslims.”

But we have the benefit of hindsight today and many years of exhaustive research into the CIA/al Qaida/drugs/criminals network that has killed thousands of people over the last eight years. The leads that Pearl was killed for can no longer be silenced by assassins’ hands, there are just too many of us who understand the ugly truth today.

Pakistan and India have to step back from the brink of war and face the facts about the American hand in their troubles, specifically the official secret US policy of using rogue elements in national militaries and intelligence agencies, to hire criminals and terrorist mercenaries to stage “false flag” attacks, for the purpose of igniting inter-religious strife, in order to advance the imperialist agenda. Stop denying to the world and to yourselves that your military and intelligence agencies are guiltless in these ongoing terror attacks; the CIA could not carry-out these precision attacks without assistance from your own rogue agencies. Indian government agents have been charged for the same attacks which are still being blamed upon Pakistan’s rogue agents, agents in both governments are subverting them to America’s will.

The perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks and the follow-up bomb blasts in Peshawar are the same people who have been staging terror attacks upon innocent Pakistanis with Predator drones.

There are lessons for all of us in the dual investigations of today’s attacks on Mumbai and Pearl’s investigation of the people behind the 2001 attack on Parliament. The main question is not about the terrorists themselves, or even about their trainers and sponsors; it is the question of the powerful actors who have ordered the training and state sponsorship of the mission. Only a superpower can actually order other states to take actions that are hazardous to their people. The mission of that lone superpower is to sow violence and to destabilize the nations in the region which has been targeted for assimilation....

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