Monday, December 1, 2008

Blogs Are History

Then so am I. One problem is the same that others find themselves with (and they are not alone). In my case it has been two years of unemployment for reasons I'd rather not discuss. The savings are gone, the retirement is drained, and the funds are dwindling. Because I didn't want the site polluted with advertisements, there is no income there. I quit feeding the beast; however, it (and blogging) seems to have done little good without my fellow citizens joining me. Then there are other things you may have heard about or seen.

Which leads me to my second point. I now truly feel this has been a waste of two years, and to continue on would be foolish. In fact, I now feel that my writings, my pleas borne out of pain, my attempts to bring truth to the world (while learning more truths than I ever wanted to know) were in vain and nothing more than self-incriminating screeds. The blogger is correct of course: I was and am wasting my time (and money) with print journalism, print web sites, and occasional printed essays from myself. The truth is, the radio is going to be more important than ever after the internet gets shut down. Our futures are beginning to look like they will be patterned after the Red Dawn, Terminator films, etc., and radio is going to be all that's left to resist and organize.

Me, I screwed up. I've been an idiot most of my life, reading and buying books and newspapers when I should have been learning computers, so I'm either going to end up in a labor camp or dead. I actually thought the country could be saved, that principles and people mattered, that the truth could change the world if we screamed it loud enough. It wouldn't be the first time I was a damn fool in this life, and it probably won't be the last. It will be the last time I play one on this stage.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I was so naive when I came on here two years ago, thinking 9/11 truth mattered and could be communicated; that the occupation of Iraq could be brought to an end; that preventing a stolen election in 2006 mattered (it didn't); and never in my wildest dreams did I believe that my blog focus would evolve to the globalist/Zionist monsters, their plans, and the unholy state of Israel. That's not why I started the blog; however, that is where the web (and the truth) led me. And to what end?

While some see the effort as worthy, and I must admit a certain hubris and ego when I feel that bloggers have affected MSM and culture in some way (even as recently as Mumbai), that was just pride talking and we know that goeth just before, well, you know.... Nothing has really changed.

It used to be that the driving force behind this blog could be summed up by a quotation I stopped reposting a while ago:

"The media which has printed these lies and presented the horrors of the day according to the angle desired by those who operate it have become their own worst enemy. They are daily providing the evidence that they lie. Truth tellers on the internet are turning over every rock they tried to bury the truth beneath."

We won't be turning over anymore rocks here at Rock the Truth.

Visible is right and the only thing that can be done is to let these monsters destroy themselves; the protesting, the activism, and the will of the people sure didn't stop them, and I doubt anything will. That's actually how I ended up blogging, folks. There was nothing else left to do.

Vaya con Dios