Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Arab Aid to Gaza Blocked by Israel

"Where is the outrage? If this were Muslims starving Jews slowly to death, the howls and screams of anger would be deafening! Why is it seemingly okay for Israel to treat Palestine the way the Nazis treated the Warsaw Ghetto?" -- Wake the Flock Up

Great point.

"Israeli Navy Blocks Libyan Aid boat to Gaza

What a bunch of criminal monsters.

Al Manar TV

Israeli navy ships on Monday blocked a Libyan cargo ship from reaching the strangled Gaza Strip, a Palestinian official said.

The ship, laden with 3,000 tons of goods, was stopped several kilometers off Gaza's shores and ordered to return to the port of El-Arish in Egypt, said MP Jamal Khodary, who heads an international campaign against the Israeli blockade....

Israel sealed off its crossings with Gaza -- the impoverished territory's main gateway for food and humanitarian aid -- as well as its maritime borders after Hamas achieved a landslide victory in the internationally monitored elections in 2007.

Now THAT is the way a paragraph SHOULD be written!!!!

“Israel imposed the blockade after Hamas, an Islamic group hostile to Israel, violently seized power in Gaza in June 2007.”

The Libyan boat is the first such effort to break the blockade by an Arab state, although European and other pro-Palestinian activists have since August made three trips from Cyprus.

The Libyan consignment consists of 1,200 tons of rice, 750 tons of milk, 500 tons of oil, 500 tons of flour and 100 tons of medicine, said the Libyan Fund for Aid and Development in Africa, which chartered the vessel....

God Bless Libya!


Since I can never get enough of the world's attempts to help Palestinians, and since it EXPOSES ISRAEL for the absolute MONSTERS they are, let's give you another report from the region

"Libyan aid ship blocked from Gaza

Three activist boats have reached
the Gaza Strip since August [EP

Israeli boats have obstructed the path of a Libyan cargo ship en route to the Gaza Strip.

The ship was said to be carrying about 3,000 tonnes of goods for residents of the Strip in defiance of an Israeli sea and land blockade of the territory.

Monday's scheduled docking was the first attempt by a foreign government to break the blockade.

"Navy ships approached the Libyan boat and ordered it on the radio to turn back, and so it did," Yigal Palmor, an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, said.

"Anyone wishing to transfer humanitarian aid into Gaza is welcome to do it in coordination with Israel and through the regular crossings. They can also contact Egypt."

First off, the Israelis have been blocking shipments into Gaza. That is WHY there are AID BOATS sailing there, duh!! So I'm not falling for that one.

And secondly, WHY should GAZA have to get PERMISSION from a FOREIGN NATION to CONDUCT ITS AFFAIRS?! Those are GAZAN WATERS that the SHIPS are sailing into, so WHY should the GAZANS have to worry about WHAT ANYONE THINKS regarding its DIPLOMATIC, COMMERCIAL, and POLITICAL relations with the world? Oh, right, Israel.

What an offensive little hell-hole of a regime is that piece of NaZionist puke!

The crew of the ship said that they would study other options to deliver the supplies onboard to Gaza. "We denounce what has happened. It comes to reinforce the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza," Jamal Khoudary, a member of the Palestinian legislature and organiser against the Israeli blockade, said.

"Israel even targets the loaf of bread and the children milk which was coming aboard this ship."

"This is a message to the whole world to watch how Israel deals with the Palestinian people."

The Al-Marwa departed from the Libyan port of Zuara on Tuesday evening carrying food, medicines, blankets and powdered milk, Khoudary said. "The ship is safe and will help us since it is carrying food and medicine. There is no reason to stop it," Khoudari told the Jerusalem Post....

Not unless you are trying to starve, strangle, kill, and liquidate a population to steal their land.

An Israeli security official told Maariv newspaper.... it had been a mistake to let in the boats carrying pro-Palestinian activists. "We should have stopped those ships," he said....

No, it is a MISTAKE to DENY THEM, NaZionist monster. I mean, think about it: if you evil SOBs started behaving like decent human beings and not monsters, the whole world might lay off your case and we might have some peace. Oh, right, you don't want that, Israel. That's why we don't have it.

Three boats manned by pro-Palestinian activists have arrived in the Gaza Strip from Cyprus since August in violation of the blockade, without drawing Israel into action. The boats contained some aid supplies. Israeli officials said that they did not want to give the US-based Free Gaza advocacy group any publicity by stopping them....

Oh, I wouldn't worry too much, Israel' the Zionist-controlled organs that pass for "news" around here would shield you from any bad publicity. After all, that's their function.


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