Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Israel Uses WMD and Kills Children

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Thousands of children forced to flee Gaza airstrikes

"Israeli forces kill five Palestinian children in Gaza; Five children have been killed in two separate Israeli strikes around Gaza City, according to Palestinian medics

Three children were killed by a tank shell in Zeitun and two were killed in Shati by a naval strike, according to the head of Gaza medical emergency services Moawiya Hassanein. Medical officials said that at least 12 civilians had been killed on Monday so far. More than 510 Gazans have been killed and some 2,500 have been wounded since the Israeli attacks began....


Israeli tanks pushed further into the Gaza Strip overnight, heading south towards the city of Khan Younis. The death toll from the Israeli assault has now passed 510. The Gaza Strip is now effectively cut in two, the territory's largest city surrounded by Israeli forces. Late on Sunday night fighting was reported in the Jabaliya refugee camp north of Gaza City.

One Israeli soldier was killed and about 30 wounded, while 64 Palestinian civilians were reported to have died in the fighting. The attack, led by Merkava B main battle tanks, appeared designed to isolate Gaza City, the main urban centre, from the rest of the Strip, which has a total population of 1.5 million.

Three infantry units – the Golani, Givati and Paratrooper brigades – advanced towards the Mediterranean shoreline and cut off Gaza City from the territory's southern and northern sectors. Israel was reported to be using white phosphorous shells to cover the advance of its troops: the munitions are not illegal, but their use has been heavily criticised for causing terrible burns.

WAR CRIMES and yet the "world community" is silent!!!!

Hamas fighters took to underground tunnels as Israel advanced - giving them the ability to rise up behind Israeli lines later on. Five civilians died when a market in the city's centre was hit by a reported Israeli air strike, while another five were killed by a strike on a mosque in the nearby town of Beit Lahiya.

Smoke could be seen rising across Gaza Strip as Israel supported its tanks and infantry with heavy artillery barrages and air strikes. But foreign journalists are still barred from entering Gaza, rendering it impossible to verify either the progress of the offensive or reports of civilian deaths....



"Reports suggest Israeli forces using cluster bombs in Gaza

Haaretz reports that, as Israeli ground forces entered Gaza yesterday, “hundreds of shells were fired, including cluster bombs aimed at open areas.” FireDogLake’s Siun writes, “The use of cluster bombs — which have a large footprint when initially dropped and then remain a threat for decades — in a location like the Gaza Strip which is so packed with people is horrifying.” (FDL notes that video footage seems to confirm the use of cluster bombs.) Last summer, a former Israeli defense official said that “the Israeli military used cluster bombs for two weeks during the 2006 Lebanon war without telling the Israeli government.” At the time, the UN decried the use of the bombs as “completely immoral.”


(Note: The photo shows Israeli forces dropping white phosphorus shells, which “can cause horrific burns but is not illegal if used as a smokescreen.”)


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