Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Enemy of the Human Race

"To Tell the Truth or to Embrace a Lie

As smart as the minds behind Israel have always been, before and after it’s inception; driving the Palestinians from their lands with wholesale murder, changing the names of their towns, controlling the flow of information through their control of the world press, giving the impression that one of the world’s most well funded military forces is actually being victimized by peasant farmers with shovels and rocks, they have finally done what all vicious deceivers have done throughout history. They have exposed themselves for what they are.

No one expected the internet. Across the world today, people who want the actual news, instead of clever propaganda, are getting it. People know about Israel’s false flag adventures. People know about her culpability for 9/11. They know who PNAC and Larry Silverstein are. They know about Odigo, Comverse and Megaphone. They know about things like this. They know that Israel started both of her major wars and wasn’t attacked by anyone. They know what Israel did in Lebanon and they know what is happening in Gaza. All over the world people are waking up to the fact that Israel is an enemy of the rest of the human race.

has no desire to live in peace with anyone. Israel and her fellow travelers in the U.S. and abroad initiated the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for her own benefit. Now she seeks war with Iran. There should be a wall built around the entire 1967 borders. It should be built a thousand meters high, not to keep out any enemies but to keep Israel within.

Well people… You can see it coming, whatever it is and it’s less likely to be driving six white horses than it is to be accompanied by four dark horsemen. The stage is set for a punishing economic winter in the United States. When Spring arrives it will look like the folks from Idiocracy are watering the plants with Gatorade. It won’t be that hard to sell the public bullshit at a discount when they have no money to buy anything else. Israel’s Federal Reserve looted the countries coffers of whatever might have been useful and now they’ve pinched off the money supply. People who’ve had their material excess taps turned off aren’t going to care who gets killed as long as the water gets turned back on.

Still… the psychopaths need a catalyst to get the final stage in action. Somewhere in the heartland a whole lot of people are going to get to find out the answer to life’s biggest mystery; what happens after you die?

You can look at Gaza as motive for whatever Tavistock graduates get the nod for patsy. You can look at the constant message of weapons to Gaza from Iran to see what nationality the patsies will be wearing over their real clothes. Rahm’s going to be handing Barack Gumby his prepared speech and Homeboy Lincoln will get to stand somewhere near the rubble in a spacesuit and tell the world that America must stand tall in the critical hours of the latest deception.

Meanwhile the internet keeps churning out the facts in stark contrast to the septic overflow of lies pumping out of the MSM.

There’s no question that the boys from Murder Incorporated at the Tel Aviv outlet have absolute confidence in whatever they intend; just as they did when they carried out the 9/11 attacks. They’re dropping white phosphorous on the inhabitants of Gaza and using depleted uranium, probably because of the extreme danger they face from the Pop Rocks and bottle rockets being launched at them from the blasted alleys and broken windows of a defenseless and starving nation that makes the Warsaw Ghetto look like St. Tropez.

Wires attached to the head of the sleeping Hindenburg, Ariel Sharon keep printing out marching orders like the ticker tape over at Bloomberg.com… Bloomie and his police chief have flown over to Israel with one of the many Israeli occupation force, congressional representatives to see if there’s anything they can do for the psychological well being of The Chosen. The people aren’t happy about the smell of charred flesh wafting over the containing walls into the sidewalk cafés of Eilat. Some are questioning if that is actually lox diced up into the cream cheese.

There’s no question that the insensitive canon fodder over in Gaza have gone way beyond the boundaries of good taste. A few days ago they had the temerity to display the bodies of murdered children on various internet outlets as if it wasn’t enough on the part of Israel to kill them in the first place but now they’re forced to look at the results as well. Have they no shame?

I’ll say it again and I will keep saying it until it gets said so many times that even the people who like coming to this site start complaining. Here is why this is going on in the first place. Because of this, The Palestinians have every right to fight Israel in any manner they can manage. There can be no argument against this right. As stated here previously, the Chinese fireworks being lofted into empty lots in ersatz Israel are only landing on property stolen from the Palestinians in the first place.

is practicing bloody genocide upon a displaced people whom they intend to destroy. No more need be said in this regard. It should be further added that this unique holocaust upon which Israel bases all of their arguments for all of the vicious activities in which they engage is not unique at all and further… the residents of Israel and their forebears are directly responsible for holocausts much larger than the one which they have turned into a major industry of blackmail; the millions killed during the Bolshevik era in Russia, the massacre in the Ukraine and for their part in a much, much greater holocaust that lasted many decades longer than their own… the black holocaust of slavery= read the book and argue if you will with the cold hard facts. Of course, I could add much, much more for those too lazy to look on their own but we’ll leave it at this for the moment. You don’t need more than this book anyway.

I don’t really care what you have to say on the matter unless you can refute the evidence left crumpled in the bloody footprints of histories biggest victims written by the perpetrators themselves.

Yes… they’ve been a real credit to themselves and an asset to all of the countries where they spent their time engaged in the same thing over and over again. Somebody show me how this is all some kind of fabrication. Somebody show me why this doesn’t tell the tale beyond all capacity for refutation.

They wanted Israel for one reason only and that was to have a location to practice the same activity upon the world entire from a location they couldn’t be expelled from. We have seen the proof of this more than once in the treacherous blood-stained decades since the occupation of Palestine occurred. Once need look no further than the words of Amstel Rothschild; enter The Federal Reserve. There’s no deep and impenetrable mystery here and the one club fits all creation of anti-Semitism and the holocaust industry are the linchpins of hypocritical defense against any presented truth or criticism of the same old, same old.

If it’s true it’s true and if it’s not it’s not. These things are true and not all the worn out canards and public relations scams in the world can blot out a word of it. This is how it is… until it turns into something else under another name to represent to same damn thing.

I Am Alive