Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Why of Gaza

Great insight, blogger!

"Escape from Gaza or Voluntary Transfer?"

"Remember when Ariel Sharon offered to get out of Gaza if we would just allow Israel to build more est bank settlements? And I predicted that as soon as the settlements were built Israel would manufacture an excuse (like those toy rockets hitting empty lots) to renege on the deal. And here we are,with Israel firmly planted in the West Bank, and Gaza to be emptied to make was for Israel.

And off the coast of Gaza are recently discovered oil and gas fields, which would economically aid Gaza ... if Israel would allow the importation of the necessary equipment. But if the Palestinians are "voluntarily transferred", Israel gets that oil and gas

BTW, "Voluntary transfer" is what Hitler originally planned to do with the Jews in Germany, sending them to Africa or Madagascar, but Zionist leaders demanded Palestine and refused "voluntary transfer."

But what was not acceptable to the Zionists in Europe (and which then resulted in millions of deaths from typhus in the closing months of the war), is now apparently quite acceptable in Gaza." -- Mike Rivero of What Really Happened