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More on the Middle East Web Blackout

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: The Intentional Web Blackout of the Middle East and Asia

"Since 9 / 11, zionists and warmongers have called for a “digital Pearl Harbor” that will give the U.S. government an excuse to shut down web sites like WUFYS.

Yesterday (30 Jan 08) two fiber-optic cables were cut on the Mediterranean seabed 12 km off Egypt, impeding communications across half the planet. These cables were installed in 2006, and run from Alexandria Egypt to Palermo Sicily. Indian company FLAG Telecom owns one of the cables. SMW-4 owns the other, and links South East Asia to Europe. All traffic goes through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea.

Of course Israel was not affected, since Jews have their own cables from Haifa to the Greek island of Crete, and from Tel Aviv to Palermo Sicily. This setup was part of an overall strategy by an Israeli firm called Mediatek, which – along with Comverse Infosys -- provides IT services for the Israeli military and weapons makers.


(Unrelated side note regarding Crete: Palestinians are thought to have originally come from Crete, plus the Aegean Islands, and / or Ionia. They seem related to the Bronze Age Greeks, and originally spoke a language akin to Mycenaean Greek. In the 11th and 12th centuries BC they invaded the Levant. Later the Romans corrupted the name to “Palestina.” Six-hundred years after that, Arabs invaded, and called the region “Falastin.” When the British still controlled Palestine, they referred to natives -- both Arab and Jew -- as Palestinians. On 29 Jan 1968 an Israeli submarine sank off Crete, taking 69 Jews with it. In 1999 the Nauticos Corporation, an American firm out of Hanover, MD found it. In October 2000 the conning tower was brought up and taken to Haifa, where it is now a memorial.)

Yesterday when the cable was severed off Egypt, Dubai's stock exchange almost had to shut down. Egypt lost 60 percent of its Internet service. India lost half its bandwidth, thereby crippling companies all over the world that outsource their call centers and back-office functions to India. Millions of hospital patients in the USA cannot get their X-rays diagnosed, since Indians now do most of this work. About 75 percent of information capacity was destroyed between the Europe and the Middle East.

Satellites only carry about five percent of transoceanic phone calls and data traffic. The other 95 percent goes by undersea fiber-optic cables.

(Trivia: The first trans-Atlantic cable, laid in 1866, carried telegraph messages at only seven words per minute. A twenty-word message cost 20 pounds. Today a single pair of optical fiber strands carries digitized information equivalent to 150 million simultaneous phone calls. Cables are as thick as an ordinary garden hose, and are laid in a trench cut by plow or water jet. The trench is a meter wide, and usually about four meters deep -- but no trench is needed for cables in water deeper than 2,000 meters. Cables near shores need added protection from shipping, and are identified on nautical charts. More information is here. )

Egypt will start repair operations on Feb. 4. For now the goal is to reroute traffic. Service may not be restored for two weeks.

No one knows how the cables were cut. (A ship anchor probably did it.) The point is that it’s an easy matter to deliberately cut undersea cables. A false-flag attack will make governments move to “re-route” the infrastructure in order to “protect the world economy.” Such “re-routing” is impossible, since the “global Infobahn” is too vast, as you can see from this map. Noneheless, governments can use this lame excuse to impose a “two-tired” system that will eliminate web sites such as WUFYS. The government will say it is preventing “hackers” (such as WUFYS readers) from attacking power plants, stock markets, and “critical infrastructure.” It will note that big back-end computers that run power plants (known as SCADA systems, for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) are increasingly linked to front-end business systems. A decade ago, these systems were isolated and arcane, making them impervious to outside hacker attack. Now SCADA systems are increasingly connected to the outside world. They have to be, since they are linked through the Internet.

Iran is aware of this false-flag threat, and has satellite backup systems, but a high-altitude Israeli nuclear blast could impede Iranian satellite communications.

As always, our strength is our vulnerability. The Internet, which awoke so many people to the zio-plague, is also our only source of truth.

Zionists know this. That’s why they have their own network.

On 29 Dec 2006, undersea rockslides from an earthquake damaged seven of the eight cables connected to Taiwan. Telephone and Internet networks toppled like dominoes in Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan, and India. Repairs cost $2 million per cut line, and service was not restored for months.

All we need is one false flag attack for Bush to appoint a Cyber-Czar that will monitor the Internet for “anti-Semitic” thought crimes.


Meanwhile -- in addition to the Harman / Lieberman thought-crime legislation (HR 1955 and S 1959) -- WUFYS readers know about the attack on “Net Neutrality.” Telephone companies want to charge extra for Internet use of their phone lines. Phone companies stand to make billions in extra profits, since the Internet now carries 75 percent of all traffic. This will force us to pay more for Internet use, or else we will be shunted to the sidelines and oblivion.

AT&T is totally hooked into the Zionist power base, and is pushing ahead. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, AT&T said it will begin monitoring private traffic over its online network to stamp out “copyright theft.”

Comcast is already doing this. Consumers have complained to the zionist-controlled FCC that Comcast Corp. interferes with Internet traffic.

The telephone companies coordinate their activities with each other, plus the Israeli government and its North American colony. This is necessary, because scanning and filtering might slow traffic at one company, causing customers to go elsewhere, which will make stockholders angry.

Internet providers such as AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon (all Zionist-controlled) want to eliminate Net Neutrality in favor of their own search engines, their Internet phone services, and their streaming video, while blocking competitors and “anti-Semitic” web sites.

Filtering will also exploit the “sex offender” angle. Elliot Spitzer (zionist Jew governor of New York state) is pushing legislation that will force “sex offenders” to reveal their online aliases to the State.

“Sex offenders” include every one of us. The term “sex offender” has become so broad that police use it when they can’t get you on anything else. For example, if a policeman sees you urinating in a city park, the courts will imprison you as a “sex offender.” This broadening will eventually encompass “anti-Semites.”

As usual, Jews hide by getting cooperation from the Goyim. New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo introduced Spitzer’s measure on Tuesday with the support of Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. (Jews everywhere.)

At least 13 other states have introduced legislation that controls the online activities of anti-Semites “sex offenders.” Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arizona, Illinois and Colorado specifically require offenders to provide their Internet communication identities to a state agency or registry system. Jews will steadily expand all this to “protect our children.”

In Allentown, Pennsylvania, about forty students received pornographic images (e.g. a woman’s bare breasts) over their cell phones.

Increased control will “protect our children” (i.e., silence all criticism of Israeli atrocities).



Illegal spying has nothing to do with “terrorism.” The rich Elite pays the NSA to spy on smaller people, thereby getting inside information for stock trades, sports gambling, etc. Weapons makers use NSA spying when they compete with other companies for government contracts. This happens in all countries that have wiretap programs. France has complained about it for years. The National Security Agency is a wiretap-for-hire firm that refers to its information as a commercial “product.”

Those who keep quiet about this get privileges. Those who blab get prison.

Here’s an example:

Eleven days after the Bush regime was installed in the White House, Michael Hayden – head of the National Security Agency – called a meeting with the five biggest U.S. phone companies: AT&T, Verizon, BellSouth, SBC, and Qwest. Hayden wanted complete listings on all Americans, plus continual updates on Americans’ habits.

(In addition to spying on people so the rich can get richer, the government monitors overall communications patterns for anomalies in the traffic flow. When computers detect unusual activity, the NSA listens to specific targets.)

In return, Hayden offered to pay the phone companies in cash, and in government contracts.

BellSouth and Verizon immediately took the deal, being headed by zionist Jews (F. Duane Ackerman and Ivan Seidenberg, respectively). C. Michael Armstrong of AT&T eventually agreed, as did SBC’s Ed Whitacre. (AT&T later bought SBC). An ATT Solutions logbook confirms the “Pioneer-Groundbreaker” spy project started on February 1, 2001.

However, Qwest hesitated, knowing that Hayden’s request was highly illegal. Under Section 222 of the Communications Act, first passed in 1934, telephone companies may not give out customer information. What if Q-West got sued, or fined? Hayden was demanding millions of records. The fines could have been massive. Who would get this information? How would Qwest be protected from fines and lawsuits?

Hayden knew that Qwest had 19 million customers in 14 states. If Hayden could not get Qwest’s cooperation, the Bush regime and its Elitist friends would not be able to monitor all Americans.

Qwest's lawyers asked Hayden to get clearance from the FIA court. Hayden refused, knowing the FISA courts would deny him.

The FISA court itself was established in 1978 because the NSA had illegally spied on Americans for over 20 years at the behest of the CIA and other agencies. The spy campaign was code-named "Shamrock."

Qwest attorneys then asked Hayden to get a letter from the U.S. attorney general's office, so Qwest would be protected. Again Hayden refused.

Then Hayden played hardball, threatening to pull government contracts from Qwest.

The head of Qwest was Frank Nacchio, a former executive at AT&T. The more Hayden and the NSA threatened him, the more Nacchio demanded some kind of government protection.

Nacchio was chairman of Bush’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.
He was supposed to be an insider. His questions were a “betrayal” of Bush. Therefore Hayden and then-Attorney General John Ashcroft decided to make an example of Nacchio by having the SEC charge him with insider stock trading.

At his hearing, Nacchio tried to explain how he was being punished because of the NSA deal, but U.S. District Judge Edward Nottingham refused to allow this evidence in court. Nottingham also ordered all of Nacchio’s comments about this during his trial to be redacted from court documents.

On 27 July 2007, Nacchio was fined $19 million and sentenced to six years in prison. Judge Nottingham denied Nacchio’s request to be granted bail while Nacchio appealed his conviction. In 2009, Nacchio will also be hit with a civil trial.

Note: Nacchio resigned from Qwest in June 2002, but Qwest's legal questions remained about the illegal NSA request. Therefore, in addition to Nacchio, the Bush regime charged eight other (former) Qwest executives with fraud. The regime wanted its message to be loud and clear: obey or go to prison.

On 11 May 2006, USA Today revealed that U.S. phone companies were helping the NSA to illegally spy on Americans. Bush said the NSA was only monitoring international calls to “terrorists.” Bush called this his “terrorists surveillance program.” He claimed (falsely) that it did not start until after 9/11. Simultaneously, Bush moved Michael Hayden out of the NSA and appointed him head the CIA.

In December 2006, the New York Times revealed that Bush was lying again. The NSA was spying on all Americans, using data provided by phone companies. The following month, the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T for helping the NSA spy on American citizens.

Nacchio did engage in insider stock trading that hurt investors, but he would have been protected if he had obeyed the Bush regime.

The top players in the Enron scandal are protected. Last week (22 Jan 08) the U.S. Supreme Court ended one million investors’ chances to sue major investment banks that collaborated in the Enron scandal. These banks include Merrill Lynch & Co., Credit Suisse, First Boston, and Barclays Bank PLC. (Investors have already settled for $7.3 billion from JPMorgan, Chase & Co., Citigroup, and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.) The banks entered into partnerships and transactions that let Enron take liabilities off its books, recording revenue from the deals, when Enron was actually incurring debt.

Enron’s collapse in December 2001 wiped out thousands of jobs, more than $60 billion in market value, and more than $2 billion in pension plans.

But that’s okay, since Ken Lay, the head of Enron, was a close friend of Bush.

By the way, Nacchio’s successor at Qwest, Richard Notebaert (Jewish?) fully cooperates with the Bush regime."

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Quite a report on the cable situation and a good overall analysis of the plot.

Might I add that MySpace and FaceBook are the AIDS of the internet. There is a lot of spying and keylogging going on thru those portals. It is best to steer completely clear of those sites."

I have.

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