Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dollar Diarrhea

"Dollar falls broadly as Fed slashes interest rates"

"The dollar sank to a fresh two-month low against a basket of major currencies on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve cut benchmark U.S. interest rates by a half percentage point and warned that more would likely be needed to support the faltering economy."

Why doesn't the MSM cover this aspect of the crisis?

No, we get the censorship of Ron Paul in a horrid "debate" and C(IA)NN's Sanjay Gupta -- after doing a hit piece on Mike Moore's SICKO -- now has a broken government special on how even people with insurance are fucked.

Are they unbelievable or what, readers?

After tonight's performance, how dare Wolf Blitzer ever proclaim the "best political team on television?"

If that pompous ass and his cohorts say great debate, I'm gonna hit the ceiling!

There are NO REDEEMABLE QUALITIES in AmeriKa's MSM, readers. NONE at ALL!!!!!!!!