Thursday, January 31, 2008

Romney Ready to Call it Quits?

Go ahead, Mitt!

Then it will be between John McCain and Ron Paul, right?

"Romney on the verge of throwing in the towel??"

"Romney Spokesperson Confirms it: Mitt Hasn't Bought Any TV Ad Time In Any Feb. 5th State" by Greg Sargent - January 31, 2008, 9:13AM

With five days to go until Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney's spokesperson is confirming that the Romney campaign has bought exactly zero TV ad time in any of the states that vote on Feb. 5.

"We currently haven't purchased any ad time yet," Romney spokesperson Kevin Madden confirmed to Election Central, when asked about Feb. 5th states.

The Associated Press, relying on anonymous officials, reported the lack of any ad buying on the Romney campaign's part. The Politico also confirmed this late yesterday evening.

Even more interesting, Madden also refused to say whether the campaign would be buying any ad time in any Feb. 5th state. Asked if Romney would buy any time, Madden said: "We don't telegraph strategic decisions like ad buying ahead of time."

This suggests the possibility that the campaign won't be buying any time in advance of the multi-state showdown that is likely to decide the race. At the least, this is a big boost for John McCain. At the most, it could amount to a possible admission that the Romney camp thinks the race is pretty much over.

Late Update: A Romney campaign official tells me that the campaign will be purchasing ad time today, though the official declined to specify how much and where.

Late Late Update: The Romney buy is in California, the crucial big state where McCain picked up the endorsement of Arnold Schwarzenegger today."

What were they waiting for?

That's the thing about businessmen -- they don't continue to plow their own money into a losing concern.

When Mitt does the cost/benefit ratio, he will quit sometime.

He will not blow his entire fortune on a losing bid for the presidency.