Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Picture Worth a Million Words, Part II

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"Prison Break from Gaza, A Glimpse of A People Scheduled for Starvation"

"Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The unheralded news from the rest of the world, including BBC, is never without compelling reports from a little place called Gaza. Gazans for the first time face slow starvation; Hamas members face selective execution. Israel has more direct political clout and media coverage in Washington than any other nation. Therefore, only Israel can move to starve an entire population while Congress and the press looks on. The US press makes the people of Gaza irrelevant by ignoring events there.

Recent rare news clips have exposed for the first time, the wall that separates southern Gaza from Egypt for about four miles. It is worth noting that neither Egypt nor Gaza built this wall. Israel built it when it took over policing of Gaza's small south border with Egypt. . Israel managed the Rafah Gate when I went there in 2003. In 2005 Egypt took over managing the no-man’s land by agreement with Israel.

Egypt’s Gaza wall has, according to Hamas, Israeli cameras and computers in place monitoring everyone who comes and goes, identifying and remotely scrutinizing each face. Egypt is compelled to cooperate with Israel, making it more or less a jail keeper.

When the Gazans breached the wall, the USA was quick to tell Egypt that $100 million in US Aid to Egypt would be suspended, pending its forcing the Gazans back inside their bottle. Only about five percent of the Gazans broke out into Egypt Monday, January 21, 2008. If Egypt does not do so, it will face the combined wrath of the USA and the pit bully of the Middle East, nuclear Israel.

What is the USA’s plan for the 1.4 million Gazans? Israel has also made it clear the Palestinians can have a state of their own, but only if Israel has the power to police it, as they police Gaza and the West Bank now. Therefore, there is no place in Israel’s plan for 4 or 5 million Philistines with dreams of self-determination. Israel’s ambition is for virtual slave labor camps that are pretend states. Prior to its uprisings, Gaza provided thousands of day laborers for Israel’s fields and factories. This is what Zionists in Israel wants.

Former Prime Minister Arial Sharon had offered to conduct an annihilation of every Arab, if political Israel could stand the international pressure from his acts. He was dead serious and he is far from the only Israeli leader who believes this way.

The economy of the Gaza society has been systematically destroyed by isolation. Israel’s plan is no secret; it is simply cushioned by our press and politicians. Israel allows no equality for other religions, nor do non-Jews participate, except under its Apartheid-like control, so there will be no shared state unless the world forces a democracy upon Israel.

Israel has systematically forced Palestinian attrition from the occupied lands for 59 years-- attrition by emigration for those able to leave, and attrition by violent death for thousands who stay. Our research reveals that food burning now assures widespread world famine. With this going on, Israel might get away with starving the Philistines while the media focuses attention elsewhere on bigger tragedies. So huge is the problem we see that a million missing Philistines might be overlooked, lost in the shadows of a worldwide tragedy… a tragedy that may someday be remembered in infamy as "The Famine of the Food Burners." Shall we stand idly by and allow it?