Thursday, January 31, 2008

Occupation Iraq: Surge Success Fading

If it was ever there at all.

You know, I watch the INN newscast on public access at night, and they told me 46 Iraqis were killed yesterday, 34 today, and yet I never see those figures in AmeriKa's War Dailies.

Aw, what the hell?

They LIED to get us in there, why would they tell the truth about the occupation?

"Roadside bombing hits Iraqi TV crew; Cameraman, driver are killed" by Kimi Yoshino, Los Angeles Times | January 31, 2008

BAGHDAD - .... In Hamiya, south of Baghdad, a dispute broke out Tuesday night between local police and members of the US-backed Awakening Council, a volunteer security force.

The disagreement centered around at least five - but as many as 25 - council members who were allegedly falsely detained and jailed. Accounts of the encounter varied, with police and local officials saying that members of the council attacked the police station and tried to steal weapons."