Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What My Blog Will Look Like Some Day Soon?

"Bush nominates new propaganda czar"


HR 1955 (the Thought Crime Bill) is now S-1959 in the Senate, and sits on the desk of Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman (zionist Jew) is pushing for Bush nominee James Glassman (zionist Jew) to be appointed assistant secretary of state for public diplomacy. This is the top position in the U.S. State Dept. for dispensing propaganda.

Glassman says “al Qaeda” is doing a better job than the Bush regime in winning friends over the Internet. "Our enemies are eating our lunch in terms of getting the word out in digital technology.”

Glassman is now the chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which dispenses official U.S. propaganda through such networks as the Voice of America, the Arabic language Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa, and so on.

His comments echoed a November speech by Secretary of Offense Robert Gates, who said the United States needs more speed, agility and cultural relevance in its communications.

Rumsfeld is also back, and is calling for a new propaganda agency at the Pentagon.

"We are miserable at communicating to the rest of the world what we are about as a society and a culture, about freedom and democracy, about our policies and our goals," Gates said.

(Bombs and bullets aren’t getting the message across.)

"It is just plain embarrassing that al Qaeda is better at communicating its message on the Internet than America."

(Out of curiosity, I’ve long searched for one of these “al-Qaeda” sites. Does anybody know of one?)

Glassman said he will use person-to-person contacts, student and cultural exchanges, and new technologies to push the United States' message.

(“New technologies” meaning thought crime legislation?)

"I am deeply committed to a program of ridiculousvigorous propaganda communication," he told the committee.

Glassman said the United States must overturn a misconception in the Muslim world that the USA and Israel are a military threat, and want to weaken and divide the Muslim world.

(Above all, however, we must continue to kill Muslims.)

One member of the committee, Sen. Bob Menendez, D-New Jersey, asked Glassman, "Do we broadcast what people want to hear or what they need to hear?"

Glassman replied, "We have to be honest. If we tell them lies, they are going to figure that out very quickly."

(Tee hee.)

Lieberman said Glassman’s public diplomacy post is "the closest thing to a supreme allied commander in the war of ideas and one of the most important posts in Washington."

Zionist News Network


Yes, Muslims are ready to listen to a militant zionist Jew.

The good news is how incredibly stupid these creeps are.

The bad news is that most American Goyim are even stupider.