Thursday, January 31, 2008

Photos of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Warning: VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS when you click on the link!!!

"Photos of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza"

Here is the introduction.

"Global Research, January 30, 2008

Global Research Editorial Note

The atrocities of the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank directed against the Palestinian people are part of an ongoing process.

Recently, in the Gaza Strip, there has been an escalation of these atrocities.

In a bitter irony, this escalation of violence coincided with the U.S. President's arrival in Israel. This is the peace process that the White House, Tel Aviv, and the Arab regimes (the so-called "moderates") are talking about: death and destruction.

The following are grim and saddening photographs of the ongoing crimes against the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

There has been little done and said worldwide about how an entire nation is in captivity. Palestinians are prisoners in their own homes and ancestral lands, which have been transformed into a concentration camp.

These photographs presented to the readers of Global Research re-call the barbaric 2006 Israeli bombardment of Lebanese civilians, many of whom were young children.

The world watches in silence and without shame. Who are the real terrorists?

30 January 2008

Source of photograps: Rafah Today"

LOOK at the HORROR and SHAME that is Iz-ray-HELL, readers.

Please look, don't turn away!!!!!!