Thursday, January 31, 2008

Israel's Arrogance

You know, Israel, if you are so powerful, go ahead, take on the entire Middle East yourself!

You'll be destroyed that much quicker, you fucking paper tigers!

Watcha gonna do, use your nukes and go down in history?

Those won't save you either, shitstink state!

"Israeli Inquiry Finds ‘Grave Failings’ in ’06 War" by STEVEN ERLANGER

JERUSALEM — In a widely anticipated judgment, a formal inquiry released Wednesday found “grave failings” among Israel’s political and military leaders in the 2006 Lebanon war, especially in their failure to decide what kind of war to fight.

Never mind that it was a WAR CRIME, right?

But the inquiry was less scathing than many had expected in evaluating the performance and motivations of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and he seemed likely to keep his post.

The war against Hezbollah was “a serious missed opportunity,” the inquiry concluded, in which “a semi-military organization of a few thousand men resisted, for a few weeks, the strongest army in the Middle East, which enjoyed full air superiority and size and technological advantages.”

Resisted for a few weeks?

They kicked your asses and MADE YOU STOP, shitters!!!!!

But the inquiry decided that the government’s decision to carry out a major ground invasion at the end of the war was “almost inevitable,” despite the deaths it caused, and that Mr. Olmert acted in the interests of the state, not from partisan considerations....

Also see

Israel and the Bomblets

Israel and White Phosphorous

The decision to stage a large ground operation as the United Nations Security Council was negotiating a cease-fire resolution has been the most controversial aspect of the war for Israelis.

At least, as far as the Israeli Times is concerned.

What about the White Phosphorous and the cluster bombs?

In the last days of the war, 33 Israeli soldiers died, a large number for this small country. Many have asked if they died in vain, sacrificed for a prime minister trying to salvage his reputation....

Yeah, the poor Israeli soldiers who got killed.

I'm so sick of stink Jew press, readers!

Beginning the ground operation gave the government “necessary military and political flexibility,” while the operation’s goals “were legitimate, and not exhausted by the wish to hasten or improve the diplomatic achievement.” Mr. Olmert has argued that the final push, though aborted by the cease-fire, was required because the negotiations over the cease-fire resolution were moving in favor of Hezbollah, not Israel....

Well, sooooooo what?!

Yup, be a stereotypical Jew and always have to get the advantage over everybody!

Fuck these evil Zionists shit-suckers and their shitstink state!!!!!

The key to Mr. Olmert’s survival is the defense minister and former prime minister, Ehud Barak, who leads the Labor Party. Not in office during the war, Mr. Barak said months ago that he would pull Labor out of the government after the final report, but now says that he will do what is best for the country. Labor does not want new elections, which the Likud Party of Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to win, and Labor also wants to back peace talks between Mr. Olmert and Mr. Abbas.

Mr. Barak says he will study the report and the reaction to it before responding, but he is not expected to pull down the government. Nor is the Kadima Party likely to try to replace Mr. Olmert with a new prime minister without a new election.

In a statement, Likud said the Winograd judgments were “extremely harsh” and called on Mr. Olmert to take responsibility and resign, and for Mr. Barak to keep his promise and pull out of the government.

Nine months ago, when the first report was published, Mr. Olmert survived a large demonstration in Tel Aviv, angry editorials and even a public demand from his deputy, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, that he resign. He refused to do so, and she did not resign either, arguing that she was not at fault.

Yeah, and the demon Olmert's approval rating was at 2-3%!!!!

Yet he's still there!

Polls: Most Israelis want Olmert to resign

Had Ms. Livni quit at the time, the Kadima Party might have pushed Mr. Olmert to go. Ms. Livni makes no secret of wanting to be prime minister. But her perceived lack of decisiveness — or opportunism, some said — damaged her reputation, although she remains personally popular.

Who really gives a crap about stink Zionist politics, readers?

Mr. Olmert has been weakened, without question, making it likely that elections will be called early next year. Yaron Ezrahi, a political scientist at Hebrew University, said he believed that Mr. Olmert’s days were numbered, because Israeli leaders “rise and fall” on their war leadership. “There has never been a case in Israeli history that an authoritative commission said something so blunt about a war that took the lives of soldiers and the lives of civilians, that blamed so bluntly the political decision makers for the failure of the war,” he said.

“The process of erosion of Olmert’s leadership is unstoppable,” Mr. Ezrahi said. “But the Israeli public is not ready to execute him immediately.”

No, but they approve of the execution of Palestinians everyday!

The report harshly criticizes the practices of government and the performance of the military. It is particularly critical of the ground forces and their commanders, and the military’s failure to both stop Katyusha rocket fire from southern Lebanon and to protect Israeli citizens within the rockets’ range.

The government, having decided to initiate a major war after the capture of two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid by Hezbollah,

That's a
GOD-DAMNED LIE right in the New York Times!!!!!

TWO of them, actually!!!!!

Why I don't believe them anymore, readers, and neither should you!!

could never decide between two options, the commission said — either “a short, painful, strong and unexpected blow to Hezbollah,” largely from the air, or an effort “to bring about a significant change in the reality in southern Lebanon with a large ground operation,” including a temporary occupation of the area to “clean it” of Hezbollah military infrastructure.

So they did

Damn NaZionists!!!!!

The government equivocated, the inquiry said, and had no exit strategy, prolonging the war but refusing to begin a major ground operation and, in fact, was unprepared to initiate one until the first week of August. In the end, the ground operation was undertaken “only after the political and diplomatic timetable prevented its effective completion.”

.... In the fighting, more than 1,000 Lebanese died, and more than 160 Israelis."

Oh, so it was a 10:1 ratio in the # of dead?

Tells you WHO the AGGRESSOR WAS!!!!!!!

You need more, reader?

Then here, read this:

"Israeli Court Rejects Appeal to Ease Restrictions on Gaza" by STEVEN ERLANGER

JERUSALEM — The Israeli Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected an appeal to block Israel from further reducing supplies of fuel and electricity to the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli government had argued that the more limited amount of fuel it intended to allow through met the basic needs of Gaza’s population while exacting a widely felt price among Gazans for the continual firing of rockets and mortars into Israel by Palestinian militants.

Israel hopes such a policy will create popular pressure to force the Hamas rulers of Gaza and other militant groups to stop the rocket fire.


Using violence or the threat of violence against civilians to attain a political or military goal!!!!


A group of 10 human rights groups had together petitioned the court to prevent the fuel cuts, arguing that Israel had a legal obligation under international law to supply the citizens of Gaza. The group contended that the cuts “deliberately violate the rights of civilians in Gaza” and constituted “collective punishment” in violation of international law by “deliberately targeting civilians.”

God bless the human rights groups!

But the court president, Dorit Beinisch, said in a ruling that “the Gaza Strip is controlled by a murderous terror group that operates incessantly to strike the State of Israel and its citizens, and violates every precept of international law with its violent actions.”

Substitute Palestine for Israel and Israel for Gaza, and you have the truth, readers!

She described Israel as a state of law that sometimes harms civilians accidentally.

This is why I hate the stink NaZionist mass-murderers!!!

Bunch of fucking lying, land-stealing, genocidal mass-murdering NaZionists!

“In the case of the attacks against Israel, the damage is not accidental, but rather a result of deliberate and frequent assaults on civilian populations which are aimed at harming innocent civilians,” she ruled. “This is the difference between Israel — a democracy fighting for its life within the confines of the law — and the terrorist organizations trying to destroy it.”

These lying Zionists really do deserve to die!

These fucking statements are fucking OUTRAGEOUS, readers!!!!!

I am SO SICK of STINK JEW PROPAGANDA and the AmeriKan MSM that shovels the shit!!!!!!!!!!!

Sari Bashi, director of an Israeli advocacy group, Gisha, one of the petitioners, said, “The court ruling relies on unsubstantiated declarations by the military and ignores indisputable and well-documented evidence of harm to civilians caused by the fuel and electricity cuts — with no legally valid justification.”

The ruling allows the state to order a reduction in the electricity sold directly to Gaza by Israel’s electric company; to cut supplies of gasoline to Gaza to 75,400 liters a week, compared with the 400,000 liters a week that were delivered in October; and to cut supplies of diesel fuel to 800,000 liters a week, compared with 1.4 million in October.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Jan. 21 that as far as he was concerned, Gazans without gasoline for their cars could walk."

And as far as I am concerned, your fucking shitty little shitstink state can vanish from the pages of time!!!!!!

Preferably into a big sinkhole right down to hell where you belong, Israel!!!!