Friday, November 6, 2009

What Is Wrong With Ron Paul?

"Ron Paul’s Solution to the Healthcare Crisis in America? “Free Markets”…

by willyloman

This is primarily why I don’t support either Ron Paul, or his publicist, Alex Jones… all they are doing is steering naturally occurring dissent in this country toward support of the very thing that has caused the problems in the first place; free-market neoliberal ideology. They are both a perfect example of “controlled opposition” whereas you hijack the dissent movement, and steer it back toward the very thing people are rebelling against. This Larry King interview was posted on Prison Planet. They posted the second half only, and not the first part that featured Micheal Moore talking about capitalism and the state the country is in.

How do we fix the healthcare system according to Dr. Paul? Well, the “free markets” of course. In Dr. Paul’s mind, the people of any country have no right to ANY services provided by the state. Hence, I guess we should continue the disgusting privatization of the schools, the mail system, the police departments, the fire departments, the roads, bridges, parks, the Veteran’s Administration, Social Security, and even, yes, the military. Because if we have no right to healthcare, we have no “right” to anything else, I suppose. And that must also include national defense… right Dr. Paul? Privatize everything and let the “free markets” rule.

At one point King asks Paul about Social Security, and you have to watch Ron Paul trip all over himself to say absolutely nothing about what he was asked. He can’t. He can’t answer the question.

Even Larry King has to smirk at Ron while Dr. Paul rambles on spewing out the same old beat line that the mess we are in now is because of “too much” regulation. Not even Larry King can keep a straight face on that one.

Keep in mind that Ron Paul’s son is now exploiting his daddy’s popularity (to the tune of $435,000 raised by an InfoWars “Money Bomb”) and attempting to run for office in the senate; trying to cash in on the “Ron Paul revolution” so to speak. So apparently the Paul’s have no problem with the neoliberal free-market, globalist ideology, nor do they have a problem when it comes to the offspring entitlement system that our congress seems to be turning into. I wonder how many of Ron’s grandkids will hold seats in the congress.

And don’t worry too much about the Pauls, they are going to be doing just fine. After all, as members of congress, THEY have a RIGHT to free healthcare… for the rest of their lives.


The author raises some great questions.

I am sympathetic on some points for sure. I'm disappointed at Paul in the same areas as the writer, and he never even wanders near Paul's acceptance of the 9/11 Whitewash Report.

Others would argue -- and have a point -- that Paul knows the fate of those who go to far and is pushing the envelope with his audit the Fed talk.

I do understand that to a certain extent; however, if leaders are afraid to come out, so to speak, then we really aren't moving anywhere or going fast enough to make a difference.

The time is past for nibbling at the edges.