Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Is Always Darkest Before the Dawn

".... when you look back at human history for the last so many thousand years; it does seem like one relentless, goose-stepping of international banker armies, working through a dark nobility bloodline. This is not to suggest there is anything noble about them. It’s just what they believe themselves to be. That’s about to change although, I don’t know exactly how.

Readers of this blog have been getting angry with each other lately and that, I believe, is due to the pressure of the moment. It’s the old sad tale of using multi-pronged confusions of disinfo, from seemingly oppositional points of view, to get that ‘house divided’ thing happening. My friends, we have one ancient enemy with a large collection of demonic assistants and his greatest strength is our weaknesses. We do have the resources to command this force back into the darkness from which it came but it’s less likely depending on the degree of darkness within us. Now, just as forces of darkness can overtake the human mind… and we have seen many examples of this, it stands to reason that the forces of light can do the same thing. We have only to invoke them and… not waver.

You have heard the ancient saying that, “it is always darkest before the dawn”. I submit that that is the position in which we find ourselves at this time. We’ve got hybrid, laboratory engineered, flu viruses and we are finding that the cure is worse than the flu. This is some kind of multi-creature amalgam that probably looks like a Griffin on a really bad hair day. We’ve got banker inspired wars going on all over the place. We’ve got specific outbreaks of insanity resulting in injury and death and all being blamed on Muslims. It so happens I know the Muslim community pretty well and they do not fit the profile being presented. Certain other groups do, however, fit this profile very well and we can see them in action every day.

The bad news is that they haven’t even released the really nasty flu yet and they haven’t done their worst in the killing fields of the Middle East or in the target locations where acts of violence serve to control the public mind through fears and lies about various patsies and straw men. It’s also useful to turn the frustration and anger of the populace against a designated target and keep their attention off the people who are actually doing it to them. All these things need to be said because there must be a counterpoint to the engines of death and despair in the hands of the psychopaths who presently imagine themselves to be in control of things. They are soon to find they can’t even control basic body functions and they will destroy each other....

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