Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Don't Need To Know

Perhaps the writer and author touched upon a feeling I have had for quite some time.... one that explains my lack of zest and zeal lately.

"Fort Hoodlum, Fort Hoodwink and those the Gods Drive Mad


It is a staggering thing to see, the highly placed and pervasively visible, going on and on about the fall of The Berlin Wall with no mention of the wall that surrounds Palestine. It is amazing to see so many unnamed mouthpieces mentioning that the Fort Hoodwink psychiatrist was a regular at a strip club. Some of the details mirror those made after 9/11 about Mohammed Atta and friends in Florida. This was around the time they were visiting Israeli bagman, Black Jack Abramoff on his gambling boat; as reported by the FBI. It is amazing to hear that this psychiatrist had ancient links to ‘so-called’ 9/11 terror mosques and radical Imans. It is completely amazing that a non combat, medical officer could shoot nearly 45 people on a military base with an automatic handgun and a revolver. The dynamics of reloading are beyond possibility. Of course, the make of the handguns changes by the day but still, the dynamics are not possible. Remember, it’s a military base.

Today they said the recession is a good thing because burglaries are down due to so many unemployed people remaining at home. I could list quite a few interesting statements like this but I suspect the reader is seeing them. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs said, with a straight face, that his company is doing god’s work. This justified the sharing out of 12 billion dollars (or pounds) among these worthy priests of a particular god.

The president and his little helpers are extolling the virtues of their democracy while murdering hundreds of thousands of people in foreign countries for various, given reasons that don’t hold water. The land of the free is overrun with black suited tazer waving trolls who can very quickly teach you the cost of being free. The land of equal opportunity gave away enough money to solve all of its problems to the people who created the problems. I could go on and on in this vein but these are just a few illustrations of the ‘madness’ of those “whom the gods would destroy”

I have access to occult history as well as the revisionist history of the moment, as it reflects the past, according to how those in charge of the present would like it to be viewed. There’s one thing you notice and that is the fall of empires. This has been happening for a lot longer than ordinary history records. A logical mind would assume a cause for this and we’ve had theories aplenty. Let’s just say that someone, or something, is opposed to the continuity of any particular top dog of any particular period of time.

Another thing you notice is that most cultures are vibrant and alive in the beginning. They manifest great works of architecture and art. They become very prosperous and that period holds through the summer of its glory and the early fall of the bounty that continued but was not further compelled to repeat. Then it fell apart. We’ve had theories aplenty and some of them are true, within the limitations of the tools of measurement and analysis, as well as the limitations of the portion of the canvas being observed. I note that none of these theories have been useful in preventing this process from repeating itself over and over again. Could it be that at a certain point they just go mad? The irrational thinking, speaking and acting that I see certainly make a strong argument for that.

Today we have a lot of complex theories about the Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11 and soon, as we already see, about Fort Hoodlum as well. I don’t much care about the angle of the bullet or the speed of the planes… structural and mechanical treatises or whatever your view may be while you play Clue. For me it is enough to know who did it. For instance, as the attacks were taking place on 9/11, Dick Cheney ordered the jet fighters to stay on the ground. Obviously Dick Cheney was involved. An Israeli security firm was in charge at every 9/11 airport. Obviously Israel was involved. When you ask cui bono, these facts are strengthened enormously. When you observe following patterns it becomes even clearer.

I don’t need to know what hit the Pentagon. I just need to know who did it....

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