Friday, November 27, 2009

Taking On the World

"Judaica battles with everyone

There is a battle between Judaica and, well a lot of other ideologies.

.It is currently Islam, in the past it has been the Soviets and the Nazis.

.It seems to be a battle between Jewish private capitalism and any alternatives.

.The Soviets were brought down relatively peacefully, and the Nazis not.

.Now Islam is being shown no mercy.

.We observe the banksters, with bailouts and bonuses, yet this usury is also ever present in our daily lives. As much as the bonuses are diverted towards overseas mercenary activities they are also used to corrupt local power in our own societies.

What is required to combat the rule of the few over so many others?

Some sacrifice.

.Islam will forbid the female to display herself as a sex object. It will also forbid alcohol, homosexuality and speculative usury.

.These are the freedoms of Judaic power.

.Of course there are good Jews and corrupt Muslims, we are all humans, but the racial cloak dished out by Jewish superiors has only just become apparent as Israel’s apartheid becomes well known. Yet it is the operative force.

.Most Jews don’t even realize it, they think, on their ladder in the pyramid of corruption they are self serving while passing on a cut to their superiors. Instead of realizing they are just pawns in a greater picture, one that is keeping a secret society in charge by sewing mayhem in every direction.

.Just as the local police know where the local prostitutes are based. So the big wigs know all the counterfeiters and money jugglers. The big wigs are always God fearing and God loving. And what better way to prove God is great, than to prove man is corrupt?

.But something unintentional has spawned. A Gestapo like Israeli has grown out of the faith. A ruthless soul, ingrained with racial superiority. Ready to steal your ID, impersonate you in a crime, spike you, and really any other disgusting act possible.

.Here we are in the 11th hour of the Jewish empire. Private ownership has been raised to a near spiritual status. Corporations have more money and power than Governments. Private armies are now a norm. Everything is sold to us with the promise of a pretty woman. Not only does Islam forbid the use of pictures of people in advertising, but it is also forbidden in Judaism. “Thou shalt make no engraven images of humans”

.Then again, this Jewish empire really has nothing to do with Judaism. The captive lustre of Jewish pride, is just a cloak of false pride, it is used to pursue criminality. A few Jews observed this some years ago, now the whole world is clocking on to it.

.Some centuries before, the renaissance beckoned from Islamic chronicles of the ancients, emancipation started, then came democracy and not only was religious might overturned but also monarchies. This trend towards people power seems historically inevitable. But Zionism is now holding it up, it is preoccupied with waging war crimes.

.A cult of Jewish power emerged on the earth, based on mercantilism, which recognised the advantage of globalisation. Where each individual was free to pursue greed.

.We are left with enemies defined by those who preach fraternity.

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