Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hitler Hammers Hamas


link Hitler has been found alive and well, living inside Israel. Israeli chief of staff Gabi "Hitler" AshkeNazi (note the last four letters of his surname) is a wanted war criminal, who is currently running AND hiding out in Israel from international prosecution for those war crimes. Famous for his "ethnic cleansing" policies by use of weapons of mass destruction on civilians, he was addressing a new batch of trained Nazi criminals who will continue to carry out Hitler's holocaust on Palestinians.

The Nazi leader called for another holocaust in Gaza, claiming the first one was not successful enough, too many survived inside the Death Camp known as Gazaschwitz. Hitler continued by telling his new Reich that in the NEXT holocaust they would purposely target densely populated areas, so as to make certain all will die.

Additionally, Hitler went on to tell his new Reich that they should have "no fear" of ever being prosecuted for war crimes, no matter how many international laws they break. Israel and America will protect them. No need to worry about the Goldstone Report, it's worthless, and so are the laws that govern war. No laws apply to the chosen Nazi Nation.

During a graduation ceremony of a new batch of ground forces, Ashkenazi, one of many Israeli officials who committed war crimes in Gaza, added that his troops would resume their attacks on densely populated areas, villages, cities, mosques, hospitals, kindergartens and schools

He highlighted during his speech that the Israeli army would provide support for all Israeli officers in case they were arrested or prosecuted because of the Goldstone report.
The 2nd Nazi in charge, Israel's deputy war minister Matan Vilnai also threw in his position as well. Adding that they would attack regardless of the Goldstone Report:
Vilnai said that his army was fully prepared for such a probability regardless of the Goldstone report.

Israel's deputy war minister Matan Vilnai told the Hebrew radio on Wednesday that Israel will have "no choice" but to invade Gaza if Palestinian militants step up rocket attacks.
This is quite stunning, as it totally contradicts what is just reported below. Perhaps Hitler and his head Gestapo have once again been caught in another lie:
This summer was the quietest in dozens of years, for four reasons: Hamas's aspirations regarding the Obama administration's diplomatic policy, the group's focus on force-building, and internal struggles that have taken energy from the armed organizations in Gaza.

Hamas was not currently interested in a conflict with Israel and was directing its energies toward strengthening its civil rule in the Strip.

All of the 19 rockets fired into Israel during the month of October were fired by splinter groups, and that Hamas was actively trying to prevent rockets from being fired into Israel. Intelligence information indicates that Hamas is taking active steps to discourage rocket fire, even resorting to occasionally shooting members of rocket-launch squads in the knees, said Yadlin. link