Thursday, November 5, 2009

David vs Goliath 2009

"The Evolution Of Goliath



David vs Goliath circa 1004 BCE

David vs Goliath circa 2000-2005

“I have stood in front of tearful Palestinian women as they nursed the bruises of their children who had been attacked by soldiers or settlers. I have listened to their sobs and wails as bulldozers plowed into their houses while Israeli soldiers laughed and cheered. I have seen men picking up little bits of people stuck to asphalt, walls, and trees. I have seen Israeli soldiers beckon settlers to come and spit on terrified young men at a checkpoint. Folks like Ariel Sharon should experience the pain and terror they have inflicted on their victims for decades.”- Kathleen Kern, Christian Peacemaker Teams--


Source: The Evolution Of Goliath