Friday, November 27, 2009

The Ugly Truth

"More Jewish Control of the Mainstream Media in America We Are Told Does Not Exist

A news piece appearing in the New York Times for 11/23/2009 entitled “Experts Say Iran Uses the Death Penalty as a Way to Intimidate Opponents” can be chalked up as yet one more instance of Jewish control of Western media the world is told “does not exist“.

Clearly, as the title indicates, it is a piece designed to paint Iran–the next scheduled victim of Jewish ritual mass murder-as a backwards, theocratic, blood-thirsty state that resorts to murdering political opponents of a tyrannical regime who just want to be ‘free’. It talks of “judicially sanctioned” killings done to “intimidate” the political opposition and to “quell pockets of ethnic unrest around the nation“. It goes on to point out in worried tones that “the trend” towards executions were a response to the “political tumult” following the June presidential election and that this month a “fifth person” connected to the protests was sentenced to death.

“Judicially sanctioned killings” designed to “intimidate” political opposition? Hmmmmm, now where have we heard about this before about a million, billion times?????

Oh yeah, that’s right IN ISRAEL, EVERY DAY FOR THE LAST 60 YEARS.

Mind you, 5 people “sentenced to death”, not executed yet. If we compare the 5 people “sentenced” to death vs. the 1400 KILLED by Israel in her most recent exercise in Jewish ritual murder known as Operation Cast Lead, that works out to a ratio of 280 to 1.

For better perspective, let’s just go down the list here of a few newspaper headlines appearing in the wake of Israel’s attack on Gaza recently–

“Chabad rabbi: Jews should kill Arab men, women and children during war”

“Eliyahu advocates carpet bombing Gaza”

“’Everyone is your enemy,’ Israeli soldiers in Gaza told”

“Gaza: ‘I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls’“

“Gaza family says Israeli troops killed children waving white headscarves”

“Gaza war crime claims gather pace as more troops speak out”

“IDF in Gaza: Killing civilians, vandalism, and lax rules of engagement”

“IDF soldiers ordered to shoot at Gaza rescuers”

“’IDF troops used 11-year-old boy as human shield in Gaza’“

“Israel accused of executing parents in front of children in Gaza”

“Israel admits using white phosphorous in attacks on Gaza”

“Israel defends killing of Gaza doctor’s daughters”

“Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings”

“Israeli army used flechettes against Gaza civilians”

“Israeli minister warns of Palestinian ‘holocaust’“

“Israeli Vice Premier Eyes Destruction of Gaza Villages”

“Lawyers–‘Israel Used Uranium in Gaza genocide‘”

“Gazans say Israeli troops forced them into battle zones”

“Long term soil devastation in Gaza due to use of white phosphorus and depleted uranium”

“Pots of urine, feces on the walls – how IDF troops vandalized Gaza homes”

“Rabbi told Israeli troops ‘to show no mercy’ in Gaza”

“IDF probing racist graffiti left by soldiers in Gaza”

“Israeli army targeted civilians, rules UN report”

“Israel committed ‘war crimes’ in Gaza: UN probe chief”

“Uzi Arad, Netanyahu’s National Security Advisor–‘We want to relieve ourselves of the burden of the Palestinian populations – not territories’”

My memory isn’t what it used to be, but I don’t remember any headlines like these appearing in the New York Times during Israel’s recent feeding frenzy in Gaza, do you gentle gentile reader? Keep in mind as well that this is just GAZA, and only a smattering of the news stories out there dealing with Israel and her recent murderous rampage.

Other goodies appearing in this article include–“Some prisoners have said they were tortured, raped and sodomized by prison authorities…”

You mean like Abu Ghraib, where we have the photos to prove it?

The Jewish-owned New York Times then goes further in its demonizing of Iran (as a preparatory step to decimating it a’ la Iraq) with “In recent years, Iran has had the highest rate of executions of any nation except China. That reputation was solidified under President Ahmadinejad, who has presided over a quadrupling in executions, to 346 in 2008 from 86 in 2005, the year he took office, according to Amnesty International.”

346 people killed in a year, roughly one per day. What did they do? Were they convicted of capital crimes, such as murder, rape, or dealing drugs? The paper does not say.

Now consider that on average Israel kills roughly 2 Palestinians a day, almost always civilians. A third of these murders are children who generally are killed execution-style, either with a bullet to the head or to the torso. Over the last 5 years, 4,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed, and of these documented state-sanctioned executions, only a handful have been prosecuted and usually on charges of “improper use of a weapon” or something totally unrelated to the historically-documented business of Jews murdering people as a result of their status as Gentiles.

Indeed, like a witch’s spell, the poison of Jewish propaganda is whispered into the ears of Americans on a minute by minute basis–sometimes loudly and sometimes quietly–from virtually every piece of news appearing in America’s dailies. And yet, are the American people aware of how they are being used as tools for evil purposes?

Perish the thought. This article, appearing in “the freest country in the world”, America, will be used by pro-Israel warmongers–Jewish or not–in adding one more reason to the list as to why America should expend even more of her precious money and blood in fighting the Jewish state’s wars for her.