Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Obama Did Not Say

"The Transfer of Lethal Power

Arun Shrivastava

This is the first time I watched the inauguration of any US President. My interest was fired more because of an increasing network of very concerned American friends who want a more humane society: for themselves and for the rest of the world.

Watching from half a world away, the entire drama was worth a stock shot. Many people waving flags, some in solemn contemplation, and others with a ray of hope that better days are here again and bad old days are gone.

Obama was consistent. He turned out to be the epitome of a political class that has perfected the art of saying much without meaning anything serious....


What does it mean to us? Does it mean anything to us? Does it mean anything to the millions in Kenya from where Hussain Obama, the 44th POTUS, comes from? In Kenya water is far more expensive than beer. Plain simple water, more expensive than beer. Obama did not promise to ensure cheap fresh water to Kenyans.

He did not promise a radical departure from brutalization of the American people and the global societies. He did not say he would withdraw US troops from Iraq because 'Americans have no business to invade peaceful countries.' He did not offer an apology that millions of innocent people have been slain by US occupation forces. He did not apologize that over five million Iraqis are homeless because of what the Bush Administration did.

He did not say that he would withdraw his troops and leave Afghanistan alone because the previous administration made a ghastly mistake. Oops, sorry. He did not apologize that the previous POTUS's deputy [the one who was carried to the podium on a wheelchair] actually carried out the 9/11 events from his cushy chair paid for by the American taxpayers that killed over 3,000 innocent Americans when the towers collapsed and started that 'smoke 'em out" campaign. He did not offer an apology that the Global Terrorists actually were surrounding him, right there, while he was swearing to the US Constitution.

He did not say that he would seek nuclear-free world and desist from pushing nuclear reactor on client states like India. Nor did he say that he can and would stop cross border terrorism by stopping all unaccounted cash transfers to a pseudo-democratic regime in Pakistan.

He did not say that his administration would stop interfering in the internal affairs of over 200 countries that never raised a finger at the United States of America. He did not promise his people who voted him to power that he would not use their tax money to wage wars across every continent to steal others' resources that just a handful of US corporations need to make abnormal profits that fund the politics of the United States of America. And its profligacy. And its global criminality.

He did not promise his own people that he would tell the truth about the illegal US tax-laws and make amends. Make amends that he would ensure that no President ever spent 170 million dollars of people's money to watch an idiot take the oath of allegiance to a Constitution that was consigned to a White House dustbin by that baby Bush, all wrapped up in warm woolen, looking haggard, sick, and as usual mentally challenged. Barrack Hussain did not promise that the proud American citizens would never ever face an intellectually challenged administration.

He did not promise to win back America for the American people from the 13 criminal bankers who actually print the US dollar, the currency that the world must accept as its reserve currency, a piece of paper not even worth its size or weight as toilet paper. He did not promise the world that he would never fool the world. He did not promise the American people that he would stop bailing out failed banks and corrupt managers who have already stolen over 8.5 trillion dollars from the US tax-payers with a heaps of help from the previous Bush administration.

He did not promise the world that he would clean up the morass of US based corrupt charities and foundations that finance a network of spurious non-governmental organizations across the world that attract the best minds and that have taken the anger out of the youth against corruption and oppression in their respective countries. They have virtually become the sub-contractors of US global agenda of full spectrum dominance. The neo-conservative's New World Order has its foot soldiers in place all over the world. Perhaps it slipped out of his mind. POTUS is above minor mindless criticism; the foot soldiers take care of the mundane…all over the world.

He did not promise that he would stop American corporations advancing their agenda of contaminating natural seeds the world over. He did not offer any apologies on behalf of a US corporation Monsanto that carried out the largest unapproved biological experiment on American citizens. He did not offer any apologies to the rest of the world for making amends for Monsanto contaminating the world's water, air and land and every living thing and every living human being.

He did not promise, nor gave indication, that he would ensure that American citizens would be assured of clean water, healthy food, good quality of healthcare and education. He did not promise that he would reverse dumbing down of America....